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HF Rulez the UniverseHF Rulez the Universe
Discord Authorization and Integration
To join the official HF Discord we will require you to Verify your HF account against your Discord account. The link to our channel is: HF Official Discord. From there you will be in the #verify channel. Run the command !auth which will send you a message from Stanley Bot (HF Official Discord Bot) that will then give you a special link to HF.

You will be asked to provide API Authorization for the "Stanley Discord Bot". Choose YES.

You'll be provided a AUTH code with the simple instructions..."To finish the authentication process, please return to your Discord DM with Stanley and use the following command:" Copy the provided code and follow the instructions. You have to do this within 10 minutes else your auth code will expire and you will have to start over.

Once you have verified you will be given an appropriate role which will match your HF Usergroup (Regular, L33t, or Ub3r). More on this later as we add features and options. At any time you can view a members verified Discord account on the Trust Scan. It also provides a "Last Discord Verification". You may re-verify to update that time.

In our Discord channel you can also run the command !myhf. That will display your HF profile to everyone.

If you wish to view another members HF Profile in the Discord you can also run the command !hflookup @tag.

Contracts can also be initated from the channel if both members are in the channel. You can do so by running !contract @tag

At any time you can remove your validation with !remove command in the #general channel. Please note we are logging the removals in case someone is abusing this to scam.

Command Options:
  • !hfauth
  • !myhf
  • !hflookup @TAG
  • !contract @TAG
  • !remove

IMPORTANT - Anyone who is not verified can only see the #verify channel. To be in the channel #general and others you must have an HF Account and be Verified. No exceptions. Running !remove will kick you from the regular channels until you verify again.

Keep in mind that this is not a policy/feature to increase Discord usage. This is in place in an effort to lower the amount of scams that occur by members who use Discord as a communications method. We do not encourage using Discord as your main means of contact with HF members. It's always best to remain on HF whenever you're making contacts.