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Upgrading Your Account
This is the FAQ about account upgrades.

How much does it cost to upgrade?
Currently there are three options for paid membership:
L33t (6 months) = $18 w/crypto $20 w/CC
L33t = $30 w/crypto $35 w/CC
Ub3r = $30 1 year membership
Vendor = $100

What benefits are there for upgraded accounts?
Read the upgrade page. There might additional benefits not listed. You can also view our Extras page.

Can I just upgrade directly to Ub3r?
No, you cannot. We require your account to be L33t before you can upgrade.

What is the Vendor group?
This is a group with extra permissions and features for our Marketplace. It's not an upgrade for those who casually use our Marketplace.

How do I upgrade to Vendor?
You will have to apply first.

I paid for membership, how long till my account is upgraded?
Typically within one hour. The process is automated when enough confirmations for the crypto currency has been made. Do not inquire via PM or create a support thread until at least 24 hours have passed. Include your transaction ID.

What payment methods are accepted?
We currently accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash. We do accept Credit Cards for the L33t upgrade only.

Can someone else pay for my upgrade?
Yes they can. Some members even do crypto currency upgrades in exchange for Paypal. Check out our Currency Exchange forum.

Can a l33t member buy me Ub3r?
No, they cannot. Only Ub3r can gift other Ub3r accounts.

What are the Ub3r requirements?
Currently your account must be at least 60 days old, have 100 or more posts, and have at least a 50 popularity rating. If you don't meet all of these requirements then during the upgrade process an error will be display.

How will you know the order is for my account?
In order for checkout to work you have to be logged into your HF account. The checkout pages automatically grab your user ID and username for us to see as part of the order. The process on our end is fully automated.

Can I get a refund?
No. All sales are final. We do not offer any refunds for any reason.