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Advertising and Paid Stickies
Paid Sticky Threads
Paid stickies are important threads that members pay in order to place on top listing of the forum display. HF offers a unique direct to member sticky thread advertising. It's very effective and many repurchase sticky threads. Paid stickies are exempt from the requirement to be on-topic and we allow paid stickies for Marketplace threads outside the marketplace while it's a paid sticky. The only exceptions are Non-Free Accounts which also must be in its respective section.

Most sections are limited to 6 paid stickies per forum section but a few are even less. On occasion an error may occur and an extra position might get placed.

You can't cross post with your partners or resellers. If you do expect your sales threads junked and a warning.

Stickies are sold in one week blocks and you can purchase up to 4 weeks. Special arrangements can be made under certain circumstances for long-term advertising. You'll have to discuss those terms with Admin.

We have special pricing for a sticky in any section that's priced at $20 per week. A full month is only $75.

There are no paid stickies allowed in certain sections like Site News or Marketplace Discussions. Prices are subject to change without notice and we reserve the right to refuse any sticky without reason.

To get payment details and order a sticky please CLICK HERE.

The system is now fully automated and allows you to buy in sold out sections to be placed into a queue. You can even renew a sticky before it expires to be placed immediately or queued when next position is available. Our system will send you a PM from Sticky Bot informing you when your thread is stuck and other actions.

Payment Types
We currently only accept cryptos for advertising. A number of options are available and include but are not limited to BTC, ETH, DASH, XMR, LTC, and BCH.

Banner Advertising
Current Options Include:
300x100 Header/Top Fold (6 positions available) $100 for a week
468x60 After First Post in Showthread $25 per week (example)
300x100 Footer (4 rotating positions) $25 week

All banner ads graphics are be served by HF servers to avoid problems. Banner ads are not displayed to upgraded (l33t+ub3r) members which do not account for the majority of our daily visitors.
To find out more or ask any questions PM Admin.

To buy a banner ad on HF CLICK HERE

To those wishing to know some recent statistical information on HF visitors you can view a couple pages from our Google Analytics here:

Google Analytics Statistics

Google Analytics Language/Country Info

Sales Tags
Sales Tags on thread listings are images to help you gain additional attention for your thread.
They appear on the listing on right hand side after the thread subject and look like this: sales tag

To get current pricing and purchase one of our Sales Tags you can navigate to the Extra page from HF header or CLICK HERE.

Featured Forum Threads
These are $10-$20 per day depending on the section. Here is an example of how they appear in the forum.

If you'd like to have a Featured thread then CLICK HERE

Email Marketing, Popups, Popunders, and PM Blasts.
At this time we do not use these types of ads nor do we plan to.