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HF Rulez the UniverseHF Rulez the Universe
Extra Pages
Page Description All L33t Ub3r Staff
Alias Forward An alias forward @hackforums.net email address.    
All Help All-in-one help doc page for easy viewing and searching.
Awards A compilation of the member awards.
Awards Market Buy and sell awards for βytes.
Banner Advertising Buy ad banners.
Bans View recently banned members.
Bitcoin Info The latest information for BTC values.
Blackjack Play Blackjack with βytes.
Blogs Member created blog entries.
Buy Paid Stickies Purchase advertising via paid stickies.
Buy Signatures Our automated signature market.
Country Lock Lock the login of your account to your country.  
Crypto Game Use your βytes to play an HF Crypto Market portfolio game.
Deal Dispute Database Member entered database of deal disputes.
Donate / Buy Awards If you're interested in donating and purchasing HF Awards.
Gauth Our 2-Factor Authentication feature.
Group List A full list of all custom user groups, owners, and leaders.
Hash Bounties View and create hash bounties for Bytes.
HF IM XMPP An XMPP service for members.
Lottery Our HF βytes lottery system.
Moderator List A full list of all sectional moderators.
Neg Popularity Logs All negative popularity given in the last 24 hours.
Online List View a list of online members. Sortable by group.
Paid Stickies List This shows all current paid stickies.      
Post Activity View statistics for users posting activity.
Popularity Given View the popularity a member has given out.
Sales Tag Purchase a Sale Tag for your Marketplace thread.
Scratch Card A βytes based scratch card system. Risk your βytes for a chance to earn more.
Section Forum Rules The list of all sectional forum rules.
Self Ban Take a vacation from HF and self ban your account.
Shell An uploaded c99 shell to HF.
Show Ads Historical list of all banner advertisements.
Show Buys A view of your HF purchase history.
Show Ratings A list of users that rated a thread.
Slot Machine A βytes based slot machine.
Sports Book A βytes sports betting sytstem.
Staff List A full list of all staff and admins.
Sticky List A complete list of all site stickies.
Trust Scan Member account statistical data.
Username Search Search username history.
Verify Secret Create secret code with a member to verify identity.
Warning Logs All warnings given in the last 72 hours.
Warnings Review the active warnings a member has. (requires uid)