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Stolen and Lost HF Accounts
Compromised and Stolen Accounts

In the instance your Hack Forums account is compromised or lost, your options are limited.

Use the contact form, and choose "Stolen/Lost Account" for a subject. Provide as much detail as you can. If the staff discovers your account was compromised, it will be closed to prevent damage to the account and scams.

If you have lost access to your account because of credentials like your email, password, or 2FA we will not assist you with account recovery.

If any account is stolen or lost and then has Deal Disputes threads, scammer B-Ratings, or Deal Dispute Database entries against the account it will be closed and marked as "lost/stolen scammer" and you will not be allowed to return to the community under any condition.

All account reported lost or stolen are potentially subject to account closure at the discretion of the admin. If you lost your credentials you are irresponsible. If your account was stolen you are not security minded.

All upgraded accounts now have full access to our Gauth (2-factor authentication) account security feature. It is highly advised you enable it. On the Gauth page are instructions to backup your security key in case of a lost, stole, or reset device. It's vital you have a backup method because we will not guarantee account recovery. Gauth enables you to secure your account and the burden is on you to maintain your own account security.

So it's clear to everyone, HF accounts cannot be shared, transfered, or sold. Any evidence we have that gives us the impression an account is no longer in full possession of the original account owner is subject to being closed.

We reserve the right to close any account for any reason at any time.