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Protecting Yourself From HF and Members
Using Hackforums Safely
This article should help you use HF safely, minimizing the risks of getting your computer/online accounts compromised by a rogue member, and protect your data online in general.

HF's safety policy
Hackforums will not be held responsible for any actions of its members. While we do not allow any malicious activity from our members, and do our best to eliminate it, Hackforums members are often the target of such activity, whether by an outsider, or a rogue member. If you notice any malicious activity from a member, please report it to our staff by using the reports system (if the malicious content is in a post), or private messaging a staff member for other types of malicious activity. The said content will be removed, and the member responsible for it warned or banned.

Some tips for your safety
  1. Use an antivirus and keep it updated, unless you're a linux user.
  2. Use a firewall.
  3. Learn what phishing is and how to protect yourself from it.
  4. Don't click suspicious links. Use your common sense to determine which links you can trust. A malicious link could infect your system, in some cases even if you have an antivirus, or steal your browser's data (cookies, or browsing history), therefore seriously compromising your security.
  5. Before downloading a file posted on HF, first check the comments from other users about it. If there aren't any determining comments, you can scan the file yourself by uploading it to NoVirusThanks and post the result as a comment in the thread for other members to see. If the file is infected, it would be greatly appreciated if you report it by using the Report button at the bottom right corner of the post.
  6. If you still get infected, check this forum.