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HF Site Access Problems and Loading Errors
Hackforums.net employs a variety of technology to prevent D/DOS attacks. Some of them may prevent a regular user from viewing the site. Below we will try to answer as many questions about this as possible. Please read them thoroughly before contacting staff.

How does the server firewall work?
One of the best defenses any site has is its server level firewall. Currently we have it set for a certain amount of connections to add you to the block list automatically, thus effectively cutting you off to the server itself. You can trigger this firewall in a number of ways. One is by opening too many tabs in your browser. The other is by refreshing a page too often. To prevent being firewalled you'll need to change your habits when using HF. Another option is to change the settings of your browser.

In the address bar, type: about:config
In the filter type: connect
Alter the "network.http.max-connections-per-server" to 10

In the address bar, type: about:config
In the quick search type: connect
Alter "Max Connections Server" to 10

If problems still occur lower the number again to 8. Neither setting should really give you a noticeable slowdown to the web. Most servers automatically throttle you anyways, but HF will go one step further and firewall you.

How do I get unblocked?
If by chance you get blocked, you should connect from a proxy, and use the contact form. Select "Firewalled", and enter your regular IP along with your username. It will be reviewed within 24 hours. The firewall is flushed periodically.

I heard HF blocks entire countries. Is that true?
Yes this is true. Hackforums.net has many countries blocked. The list is extensive. Please note that country blocks are not a slur on the people of that country. These blocks represent problems with IPs originating from these countries. Many are part of botnets, rogue datacenters, and high crime locations. Country blocks are one effective way to eliminate "bad traffic". So don't take it personal. Do not ask for countries to be removed. The block list is currently not published.

Can you whitelist me?
We do not whitelist individual member IPs under any circumstance.

Check Your Hosts File
A crypter was released by another hacker forum that went in and changed your hosts file of Windows to prevent you from accessing HF. Effectively this will point your computer to nowhere when you want to visit our site. We deem this practice as unethical but we do not have the power to stop it. You can check if your hosts file was altered by opening up in your browser this file:
If indeed you see entries for hackforums.net please edit the file, and restart your browser.

I'm using a VPN but it's not working.
We have a lot of VPNs, datacenters, and proxies blocked. Basically you have no guarantee of connection to the site unless you're on a home connection in an English speaking country.

SQL Errors
If while browsing you've come across a MyBB error page citing a MySQL error please don't be immediately alarmed. Our website is very busy and while we try to minimize server problems and loading errors they do happen occasionally anyways. If you have hit an error we ask that you wait 1-2 minutes and refresh. If it's persistent for 10 minutes you can try to see if anything is posted on our Official HF Twitter page.