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Popularity System
What is the popularity system?
It is a method for privileged members to give their opinion about other users for the rest of HF to see.

What is the popularity system used for?
For the most part, it is just a metric for users to give their opinions on a member.

Why do some members have more popularity points than comments?
Some users can assign multiple popularity points to their popularity comment. The amount of popularity points a user can give depends on that users upgrade. A l33t member can only give +1 and 0. Ub3r members have the option of assigning a value between -3 and +3. Staff has the option of assigning -5 to +5. Lastly, Admins can rate from -10 to +10.

Can members write anything they want when giving popularity?
No, currently all popularity messages are canned (pre-written) and you have a selection to choose from.

Can members ask other member to give them popularity ratings?
Yes, you can ask members to give you popularity ratings. It used to be a policy violation but now it's not.

Can I have my popularity reset?
No. HF does not reset individual member popularity for any reason. Keep that in mind when you interact with members on the forum.

I feel I was popularity abused, how do I report it?
At this time we don't have a system in place to report abuse. Technically since messages are canned there is zero abuse.

What is revenge popularity and is it allowed?
Revenge popularity is the practice of getting a negative popularity rating after you have given that member a negative. This is not against the rules. Clearly if you leave someone a negative, you can expect them to reciprocate. Think carefully about your choices when leaving popularity ratings. If you fear revenge popularity ratings, then reconsider. Admins will not take action on revenge popularity.

Can I get a negative popularity rating removed if it doesn’t make sense or isn’t fair?
You may contact the member that left the popularity rating in order to understand why it was left. However, you may not harass or threaten the member. Staff or Admins do not remove popularity ratings.

If a member that left me negative popularity rating gets banned, can the popularity rating get removed?
Sorry, but at this time we are not removing the popularity ratings given by banned members.

I was scammed. I want to leave them a popularity rating concerning it.
You will need to use the Contracts system for Marketplace activity. Popularity ratings are unrelated to the Marketplace.