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HF Rulez the UniverseHF Rulez the Universe
Disallowed BlackHat Activity
These are the blackhat hacking activities that we do not allow as part of our discussions here on Hack Forums. We don't explain the logic behind each forbidden activity, but it's somewhere between morality, ethics, and legality for each one. We ask that members do not participate in discussion around the following topics. If you've received a warning and been asked to read this, please do so carefully.

All discussions of Carding is disallowed on HF.

Financial and Identity Fraud
We take this very seriously. We do not allow posts in relation to these subjects. Any information posted that's designed to commit financial fraud may result in the immediate closing of your account.

Blackmail and Extortion
We do not want this type of discussion here. Obvious criminal activity and very illegal.

Replica Merchandise
We don't allow the selling, promoting, or discussion of fake brand merchandise.

Fake ID's
We don't allow the selling, promoting, or discussion of fake identifications.

Cracked Software
HF is not a warez site. No selling or sharing of cracked software.

Murder for Hire
Don't use HF to find a hitman.