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Disallowed BlackHat Activity
These are the blackhat hacking activities that we do not allow as part of our discussions here on Hack Forums. We don't explain the logic behind each forbidden activity, but it's somewhere between morality, ethics, and legality for each one. We ask that members do not participate in discussion around the following topics. If you've received a warning and been asked to read this, please do so carefully. Some of the activities listed here might be discussed for education purposes only in the Blackhat Training forum. Any discussions outside education purposes window and outside that forum is prohibited and will get you sanctioned.

This includes questions on creating phishing pages and any marketplace activity around phishing. We don't feel this topic adds any value to our community nor does it assist members in becoming better hackers.

DDoS for Hire
Due to confusion between legitimate load testing services and illegal DDoS attack services, we decided to disallow this. So we will no longer allow any content related to SST services, DDoS for hire, or DDoS attacking of websites.

Dumps / Combo Lists
Providing accounts that don't belong to you, whether in trades, for sale, or free, dumps are not allowed. The definition of a dump is a file with logins, passwords, personal details or emails (marketing email lists are fine). We do define "combo lists" as dumps as well.

Financial Fraud
We take this very seriously. We do not allow posts in relation to these subjects. Selling information of any sort that has been stolen, in any way, is against the rules. Any information posted that's designed to commit financial fraud may result in the immediate closing of your account.

Virtual Credit Cards (VCC), Prepaid Credit/Debit Cards and Virtual Bank Accounts (VBA)
We understand that there might be a valid purpose and use for these discussions, but we've decided to remove them from HF in an effort to stay on a more legitimate topic level.

PayPal Fraud
With PP fraud rampant in the hacker community we feel it's our duty to take a stand on this one. We will not allow discussion on selling of PayPal accounts, stealing accounts, or verifying accounts with false information. This also applies to services/companies that provide similar accounts such as Stripe, Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, Coinbase, etc. Basically if you're doing something against the TOS of PayPal, you're breaking a rule here.

Financial Holders
We consider this financial fraud and a huge risk to our members. Anyone using this type of service or offering it to members will have their accounts immediately closed. This includes payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, CashApp, Zelle or any financial institution where the account isn't yours.

Financial Crimeware
Software that has the intended goal of stealing financial data such as bank info or credit card data from those who get infected. For this reason any discussions on this type of software will be disallowed. Zeus, Beta Bot, and SpyEye are examples of Financial Crimeware.

Amazon/eBay Account Trading
Any buying, selling, or trading of eBay/Amazon accounts is not allowed due to the fact that these accounts have credit cards and personal information attached.

eBay Partnerships
We no longer allow partnership offers concerning eBay accounts. They're being used to commit fraud. And as such we've disallowed the activity here.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Fraud
We consider crypto currency an excellent choice for payments here on HF. And while they have no official government backing we feel they have value to this community. As such any cryptocurrency fraud will be considered financial fraud. Discussion on stealing wallets including RATS will not be allowed on HF.

Blackmail and Extortion
We do not want this type of discussion here. Obvious criminal activity and very illegal.

Any software that's meant to lock a computer and demand payment or action for removal is ransomware and is not allowed on HF.

Apple Products
Due to the heavy amount of fraudulent deals around Apple products such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPods. We do not allow any sales, trades, or marketplace activity based on Apple products. No exceptions.

Amazon Kindles
Due to the heavy amount of fraudulent deals around Amazon Kindles. We do not allow any sales, trades, or marketplace activity based on Kindle products. No exceptions.

Steam Gifts
We don't allow selling of Steam games as keys or gifts. You may only sell Steam accounts in the Non-Free Accounts forum in the Marketplace.

Refund Services
To help someone get a refund fraudulently is not allowed on HF. No refund services whatsoever for any product or service.

Due to the likelihood of fraudulent activity related to Doordash services they are now banned on HF.

HYIP, Pyramid & Ponzi
This type of garbage won't be tolerated here. And don't bother calling it "investments" either. If you're promising a high-yield short-term return you will get your account closed.

Movie Torrents, Downloads, and IPTV Streaming
Members are not allowed to use HF to spread illegal movie torrents, downloads, or streaming services such as IPTV. HF is not a warez site.

We don't allow the site to be used for gambling which entails on-site lotteries, pools, or drawings. Discussion of gambling itself is allowed.

Replica Merchandise
We don't allow the selling, promoting, or discussion of fake brand merchandise.

Twitch Prime Accounts
Due to high probability of fraud in relation to Twitch Prime accounts being carded or fraudulently obtained we do not allow services which offer Prime upgrades or sales of Twitch Prime accounts.