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Marketplace Violations
To address all polices and violations in our Marketplace please read this entire document.

Marketplace Policies
  1. Hack Forums will not be held responsible for deals made by members.
  2. All the trades on Hack Forums should be made in the Marketplace section, regardless of content. Paid stickies are the only exception to this rule.
  3. You are REQUIRED to use the Contracts system for any and all trades made on Hack Forums.
  4. We do not allow deals which are associated with credit card, bank, or identity fraud, nor any other type of illegal stock.
  5. The official rules of the forum still apply.

Starting March 1st 2019, members are required to use the Contracts system for any and all trades made on Hack Forums. In addition to that, all sales threads must abide by the following rules:

  • All sales threads are required to have a Contract button in the first post.
  • Linking to external websites is allowed if you're a V3ndor, provided that users cannot purchase your product/service without creating a Hack Forums Contract with you prior to making a purchase. In the following sections there's an exception and anyone can link to their external website - however, you still have to have a contract with the users that purchase: Hosting Services, Social Networking Services, Graphics Market (portfolio sites), Webmaster Marketplace and VPN Hosting and Services.
  • You may put autobuy websites in the contract you've started or send them via PMs/Convos after you've started a contract with any and all Hack Forums members you redirect to them.

If you are not familiar with the Contracts system, we recommend you read the official Contracts System help documentation. The following threads explain the Contracts system as well. Be sure to read them if you're unsure how Contracts work: How to Use Contracts || Minimizing Risk in the Marketplace & [Video] The Contract System Explained

Marketplace Violations Rules List:
1. Multiple vouching - If you continually vouch for a product or seller in the same thread it will be counted as LQP and thread bumping.
2. Currency exchange out of "Currency Exchange" subforum - Currency exchange involves exchanging virtual money and/or cryptocurrencies between different parties. Gift card exchanges must be in Currency Exchange forum, too. You need Ub3r upgrade to post a thread in CE but you can still reply to threads of other members and get your exchanges done.
3. Anyone caught in fake Contract schemes for vouches and B-Ratings will be closed.
4. All vouches in threads must be related to a Contract and from a verified "Contracted Customer". One becomes a verified "Contracted Customer" if a contract has a thread ID (tid) in it.
5. All sales in Marketplace now require Contracts. Exempt Marketplace forums for Contracts are "Hash Bounties", "Member Auctions", "Partnerships, Hiring, and Personnel" and "Rewards and Small Favors".
6. Only Vendor group members may also advertise their own seller websites and links in Marketplace sales threads. Links in posts cannot be to autobuy or shopping cart pages like Shopify.com or Selly.gg.
7. Anyone refusing to use the Contracts system in a deal on HF is subject to an account closure.
8. Only Contracts can be disputed in our Deal Dispute forum.
9. Vouch copies (free for review) require a "trade" Contract. Sellers should provide a MyCode Contract for initiating free vouch copies.
10. Cross-posting is the creation of the same thread in more than one place. Only one thread regarding the same topic may be posted. Also linking outside marketplace to your marketplace threads is regarded as marketplace cross posting.
11. Vouch begging - asking OP (original poster) to supply a vouch copy if it isn't stated in the original post.
12. Low quality bumping - Bumping of your threads with poor posts. More on that below.
13. Sales trashing - discouraging a sale without proper reason or pointing to the thread of competitor product/service; Customers (that have an Active/Completed/Disputed Contract with the vendor) posting negative reviews is not a violation and should not be reported as such. Users abusing this option will be sanctioned.
14. We no longer allow making threads about impersonators scamming on off-site services like Discord in Marketplace Discussion forum.

How do I bump my sales thread?
You don't do so with LQP and you are not allowed to post/bump/delete either. PBD (post/bump/delete) is where you make a new reply in your thread, wait for another post, which bumps your thread then you delete the post. We take PBD seriously and you can be instantly banned and your sales thread closed for doing so. If you want your thread bumped you should make a quality post that positively affects your sales thread or responds to a pertinent reply to another post. Posts that are not acceptable:
  • Not a full sentence
  • Add nothing of value to the thread
  • Are a duplicate or very similar to previous posts (e.g. restocked whatever OP is selling for the third time)
  • Or are otherwise LQ and made solely to bump the thread
That is not an exhaustive list, it is just guidance on what is not permitted.

How do I bump my sales thread if I can't figure out a valid reply?
For a Bytes fee you'll be able to bump any HF thread you wish, including your marketplace threads. Use the arrow-up icon on the first post of your own thread. You cannot bump threads you didn't create. Depending on the usergroup, price for bumping your thread is different. Current pricing is:
  • Regular Member and L33t : 200 β
  • Ub3r: 100 β
  • Vendor: 50 β

Can I sell for other members?
Yes, we allow partnerships with non-members. If you're selling for an existing member you both cannot advertise the same service or product.

Can I ask for vouch copies?
Not unless the OP (original poster) has clearly stated that vouch copies are available. This is the rule in the entire marketplace. You can't ask for them in PM either unless OP stated you can do so.

Can I give out vouch copies?
Yes you can but you must clearly state you're offering them in your first post and any stipulations like X copies or you require a PM. If no vouch copies are available we ask that you alter your OP so it reflects "no more vouch copies" or "vouches no longer required". Staff will need to know you did have vouch copies available at some point.

Can I post a Marketplace style thread anywhere I want?
No, you cannot. All Marketplace style threads must be in the Marketplace tab. Some sections also require a specific upgrade class such as Ub3r.

Are all marketplace policies listed here?
No, they aren't. Please make sure to read Important Sectional Forum Rules before you post in any of the marketplace subforums. Some sections have additional policies which are only valid for that section but Marketplace Violation warning is issued.