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Marketplace Violations
Marketplace Violations Rules List:
1. Vouch Begging - Do not ask for a Vouch Copy unless the OP explicitely offers it.
2. Sales Trashing - Do not try to ruin sales.
3. Vouching - Unless you are an HF Contracted customer with an attached TID in the Contract, you cannot vouch for the seller, product, or service.
4. Only Vendors group can link to Autobuy sites.
5. Only HF Contracts can be disputed in the Deal Dispute forum.
6. LQP Bump - Do not bump your sales threads with LQP (low quality posting). Instead use the Post Bump for Bytes feature (see below).

How do I bump my sales thread if I can't figure out a valid reply?
For a Bytes fee you'll be able to bump any HF thread you wish, including your marketplace threads. Use the arrow-up icon on the first post of your own thread. You cannot bump threads you didn't create. Depending on the usergroup, price for bumping your thread is different. Current pricing is:
  • Regular Member and L33t : 400 β
  • Ub3r: 200 β
  • Vendor: 100 β

Can I sell for other members?
Yes, we allow partnerships with non-members. If you're selling for an existing member you both cannot advertise the same service or product.

Can I ask for vouch copies?
Not unless the OP (original poster) has clearly stated that vouch copies are available. This is the rule in the entire marketplace. You can't ask for them in PM either unless OP stated you can do so.

Can I give out vouch copies?
Yes you can but you must clearly state you're offering them in your first post and any stipulations like X copies or you require a PM. If no vouch copies are available we ask that you alter your OP so it reflects "no more vouch copies" or "vouches no longer required". Staff will need to know you did have vouch copies available at some point.

Can I post a Marketplace style thread anywhere I want?
No, you cannot. All Marketplace style threads must be in the Marketplace tab. Some sections also require a specific upgrade class such as Ub3r.

Are all marketplace policies listed here?
No, they aren't. Please make sure to read Important Sectional Forum Rules before you post in any of the marketplace subforums. Some sections have additional policies which are only valid for that section but Marketplace Violation warning is issued.