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What is the HF IM XMPP server?
The HF IM XMPP service is a special chat protocol we run on our server called XMPP. It's been around for many years. We offer XMPP services to certain upgraded member groups. The domain is hackforums.im so as a user you'll have the account UID@hackforums.im.

How do I use XMPP?
Most people download the Pidgin client for their computer. Some mobile apps are also XMPP compatible such as ChatSecure. Be aware any client requires OTR (Off The Record) and TLS 1.1+ or better. Once you have a client go to the HF IM XMPP page and the rest should be self explanatory.

Why should I use XMPP instead of Skype?
Other chat services do not offer the same level of security that XMPP along with OTR would. OTR is an end-to-end encryption that prevents even us the chat server admins to read your messages. We do not log messages and even if we did we'd have no way to know what content was in it. Part of the benefits of using the HF IM XMPP is that everyone using it is given their UID@hackforums.im making it quick and easy to associate, connect, and verify an HF account. When you IM with 1@hackforums.im you know indeed you're not being contacted by an impersonator. The HF IM XMPP also allows for more privacy. You will not need to expose additional private data when using the HF IM XMPP.

Can I change my XMPP username?
Sorry but you cannot. Your buddies can set an alias for you. To ensure integrity of usernames all members will get UID@hackforums.im and are unable to change it.

Can I set my own password?
No. We create random passwords to avoid potentially easy to crack passwords or having common-use passwords.

I lost my password. How do I recover it?
On the HF IM XMPP page the option to set a new password exists. It will take only a few seconds. It will also automatically log out any existing sessions just in case your HF IM XMPP is stolen or compromised.

Can I share my account with someone else?
No, that's a serious security risk for you and for members. Anyone found sharing their XMPP are subject to a closed account on HF and the XMPP service.

How do I know it's secure?
Because we require OTR. That means you can't even chat with anyone that doesn't have it enabled. There are currently no known exploits to break the encryption. If one is found we will alert members and patch the server. You can do your own research into OTR if you don't believe us. The encryption process is called end-to-end which means it's from your client to the recepient client with no requirements from the server. With a simple plugin we have installed we make sure that all clients have it enabled in order to exchange chat messages.

What information is logged?
We only log a few things in order to prevent abuse of the system. We log the IP's and timestamps of logins, account creation, password changes, and resets. Chat logging is disabled but even if enabled it would look like this:
18:01:06 RECV: omniscient@hackforums.im: ?OTR:AAMDUNfM1HVAuSkAAAAADgAAAA4AAADAlvGq+rt WxMJeTYJMdxTYFcK0qYuN/AE3PVFLSOL7Ip20QiaeIQC4/6aoIHjKz+iwzMXsZLNMl8ihOSi1adIHBTDqprFB iLub/aXRV5iSbPoNCgt4/s9lqs91gh2hESi/gGLZV1fYLwdBSB1BolqqcuKcobXynRcPwpmClM25HQl/+a1fCS0 X4Y59uTP2iLOebvzW5lIMP8hq+60J2qnnEnlVaOe1IPATKnp9R40sR8XLFaMNVE1+MRea0fuEW9FcAAAAAA AAAAEAAAAFHfawUletD9Sh+eawGV7m6x8Mnsui5EgYuwAAABQlDXXZiqwFZ+letz/rPULg3aykKA==. 18:01:27 SEND: omniscient@hackforums.im: ?OTR:AAMDdUC5KVDXzNQBAAAADgAAAA8AAADAubHukpMjkrbb8TwvI1s5ww7CAfFPJr5Gvfeg2nzx6V4cXZ B20Xtgqht6877IPfYzRmE0gYKrIkKJnqObEP4bJJSsvgGN9VA9dB88Fzx5PBKIqEVBNn5/9eR53vodjITd5djgl3 hC4QN9OESQOCE1Qn/9CewNUhDc2c4+kWDwemfb5bZBf6XLlWsKpeyzH5V8pjBWgN+MVEpItemEmQr3uD 9RDvXS4bF9IV7GGQMgFarGXoOJ/vzPqAGiLKuaZgsEAAAAAAAAAAEAAAAB/20voRw08/z8KOMHbHp34S1wd

Who can read my chat messages?
No one but you and the person you're in chat with.

I got ripped off after doing a deal in HF IM XMPP. What do I do?
Well unfortunately we're not able to help you. Staff do not get involved in deals or deal disputes. All deals are at your own risk.

What software does HF IM XMPP run?
The XMPP server software is Prosody written in LUA language.

I'm having trouble getting the XMPP to work. What do I do?
There are a number of good member created tutorials and also knowledgeable members willing to help. Here are some examples: Hack Forum's Official Instant Messenger: A Full Guide by xadamaxk
Hack Forums IM Service: FAQ by Robust

Important Notice: All policies are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to disable and remove any XMPP account for any reason.