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HF Rulez the UniverseHF Rulez the Universe
Edit History and Limits
At HF we strive to retain quality content that's posted by members on HF. We currently limit the amount of post editing based on a number of criteria.

First criteria is that in any 60 day period there are limitations to the number of edits a post can have depending on your usergroup:

5 = Regular Members
10 = L33t
15 = Ub3r
Unlimited = V3ndor

If the edited post is the first post of a sticky (paid or free) it has unlimited edits. If a post has a current Sales Tag it has a 20 edit limit.

Second criteria is based on time that has passed since the creation of your post. If you are past that time, you cannot edit nor delete your post. It depends on your usergroup, too::

24 hours = Regular Members
90 days = L33t
180 days = Ub3r
Unlimited = V3ndor

By purchasing a paid sticky/sales tag to the thread, you circumvent the second criteria. If you're a V3ndor, second criteria doesn't apply to you just like the first criteria.

We reserve the right to undo edits to any post. Keep in mind you cannot delete your post if the post is the first post of the thread (aka original post). Ub3rs used to have a junk feature which removed a whole thread but it has been removed for years now.