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What are Bytes?

MYPS is a Mybb Points System we use for member rewards. It allows for members to earn points for various actions on the site. Currently this site has its points named as βytes.

Here is the key which will explain how many βytes you earn for each action.

1 βytes Per Reply
10 βytes Per New Thread
0 βytes Per Character
.5 Earned βytes For Thread Starter On Each Reply
1 βytes Default On Signup
2 βytes Per Poll Creation
1 βytes Per Poll Vote
0 Min Characters Required

The following forums are exempt from receiving βytes:

The following groups are exempt from recieving βytes:
• Exiled 
• Closed 

Donations of βytes must be enabled by forum administrator. You have two methods to donate. One is via the postbit and the other is from the profile. Both methods will bring you to the same donation page which allows you to enter the βytes you wish to donate along with a reason. The person will get a confirmation of the donation along with the reason in a PM.

History is available to view from your usercp. You can access this as βytes History under Miscellaneous.

Statistics of the richest members can be viewed from the forum statistics page. The link should be on the index page on the bottom right.

You can spend your Bytes on our Lottery, Slots, or Blackjack.