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Deal Disputes and Scam Reports
Deal Disputes

If you made a deal on Hack Forums and you feel like you got scammed, or you're otherwise unhappy about it, there is one thing you can and should do.

  1. Dispute the Contract. Go to the Contract of the deal in question and click on the dispute button. Fill out every field and dispute the Contract. A Deal Dispute thread is automatically generated once the Dispute is created.

Please understand that we can't get your money back or force a member to complete a deal. Do not contact Staff or Admins. You are warned repeatedly that deals are at your own risk. HF will not get involved. If you did not create an HF Contract which was Approved and Active then you have no options to report the Dispute.

I disputed a contract and member wants me to mark the dispute as resolved so they can resolve their part of the deal (refund me, give me better service, complete their end of the deal because they couldn't make it, etc.). What should I do?
DO NOT mark the dispute as resolved until you are satisfied with the outcome. If the seller is blackmailing you, please send any on-site proof to staff so they can issue an appropriate action against his account for breaking blackmailing policy. While that might not get your money (or whatever that was disputed) back, we take blackmailing seriously and believe no member should go through that.

I opened a Deal Dispute, now what?
An HF Admin will review the Dispute. It can be marked Invalid, an attempt to ask the parties to resolve the issue, or actions against either/both accounts can occur such as Account Closure.

I won a Deal Dispute how do I get a refund?
HF does not escrow payments and as such we never held your funds or claimed to be responsible for them. Only the other party or a middle-man would be able to refund you.

Will HF escrow payment for a deal?
We will not. You can however seek out a 3rd party middle-man which might. We don't endorse any specific members as MM.

I have a negative b-rating that I think is false/unfair. Who do I contact?
Nobody. We do not review the b-ratings.

I've heard that V3ndors get their disputes/negative b-ratings removed if they contact Admin, is that true?
Yes and no. Only reason where Admin invalidates the deal dispute and removes negative b-ratings is when if there has been abuse of the contract system. Typical scenario is when a person opens multiple accounts and disputes every single contract that was started by that account using vendor contract templates. Keep in mind that it's the most frequent abuse scenario but not the only one.

A member who gave me a negative b-rating and/or opened a deal dispute against me is now banned/closed. Can I have my negative b-rating and/or deal dispute removed?
No, unless you're a V3ndor and there has been contract system abuse.