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This section should help answer some questions related to the awards system of MyBB.

How do I pay for a donation award?
It's super easy setup and pretty self explanatory. Just go to our Buy Awards page.

How do I get a non-donation award?
Awards are given out at by Omniscient at his sole discretion. You cannot get an award by asking for one via PM. Awards are only occasionally given out. Obtaining non-donation awards is rather difficult as it should be.

Can I create a thread to nominate myself or another member for an award?
No. Do not make any threads to nominate or suggest the granting of an award. If an official thread already exists you can post in it but that's it. Do not make a new thread for that purpose.

What are awards for?
Awards are simply a way for admins to show recognition to a member. The award itself normally has a special meaning attached to it. You can view the reason an award was given by going to a members profile then clicking their award's details. The awards page also displays meanings for each award.

How do I get the donation awards?
We have multiple awards you can obtain via a donation. For example you can get the Green Emerald Donator award by donating $20 to HF. If you donate $50 or more to HF, you'll get the Rich Bitch award. All awards are for separate one-time donations. So to get Emerald and Rich Bitch you need to donate at least $70 in a single donation. We do not accumulate small donations toward awards. The Grand Amethyst is a $1000 one-time donation. You can Buy Awards here.

Do member upgrades and sticky purchases count toward donation awards?
No they do not. Donation awards are strictly for pure donations.

Do you accept Bitcoin for other donation awards besides Bitcoinage?
Yes. We have begun accepting Bitcoin for donation awards. Donations must be made through our BTC processor at the current BTC valuation. If 1 BTC = $120 USD then you must donate .418 BTC for the Rich Bitch ($50+) award. When buying awards the payment processor will convert correctly the price of the cryptocoin you choose to USD.

What are Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereist and Dash?
These are all crypto currencies. If you need further help in using them please refer to our Crypto Currency forum.

What is the Gift award?
The Gift award Gift Award is the best award to buy for another member. You can buy it also for yourself just in case you don't have any friends. The description for the award will read either "You bought yourself a gift" or "A gift from MEMBER". You can buy as many Gift awards for different members as you'd like but only one award per member will be granted. The Gift award is $25.

What is the Brony award?
The Brony award Brony Award is that "damned if you do" type of award. Be aware that I will very likely criticize you negatively when granting the award in the actual description. So expect to be roasted if you do buy the Brony award which is $100.

What is the Legalize It award?
The Legalize It award Legalize It is the first political statement award on HF. It's in support of legalizing and decriminalizing cannabis in America. 25% of all donations go toward NORML.org which is an organization dedicated to reforming marijuana laws. While not everyone will agree with the legalization stance, we at HF feel this award is inline with the freedom our website and member base represents. You can purchase the award and make your donation here.

How long after I pay before I get the award?
It's normally within 15-30 minutes depending on your payment method. With crypto currency (BTC,DOGE,DASH) you have to wait for confirmations which can take a few minutes up to a couple hours. If after 24 hours you still don't have your award please contact Omniscient with your transaction id and payment info.

Can I change the display order?
Yes. Go to Sort awards page and arrange them how you'd like. There is a fixed fee of 100 βytes to change the order.

I think I'm qualified to get an award. Who do I contact?
No one. What you believe about your qualifications to get an award is irrelevant.

I want to know how to get a specific award.
We do not assist members in gaining awards. No descriptions will be given beyond those on the help docs and in the awards description.

Another member has an award that I want. They said they got it by doing X.
How another member obtained an award should not be your concern and it's not a path for you to gain the same award. Awards are given out solely at the discretion of admins.

I think another member deserves an award. Can I nominate them?
No. We don't care about who you think deserves an award.

I sent a PM to an admin about an award. They never responded.
Admins are busy. You weren't supposed to send a PM about an award anyways. Admins often completely ignore award requests without a response. Don't expect the award or a response.

Awards seem really hard to get but I see some members with a lot of them.
Awards are hard to get. It's intentional. We don't just hand out awards to everyone asking for one, who believe they deserve it. Otherwise everyone would have 10 awards. That's ridiculous.

I heard I can buy awards. Is that true?
The fact is that sometimes a donation is made and a show of appreciation is the granting of an award. We don't sell awards per se.

Can I suggest a new award?
No. Awards are created by the admins only at their discretion. Suggestion for new awards are ignored. Do not PM staff or create a suggestion thread for new awards.

Can someone else pay for my donation award?
Yes, they can use the order form to donate and buy an award for you. Just make sure they enter your UID where it's requested.

Can I buy someone else a donation award?
You sure can. Just make sure the UID is entered where it's requested.

I have a forum. Can I get the plugin?
The plugin is called My Award, and it's for MyBB forum software developed by the admin Omniscient. You can obtain the plugin at MyBB Central.

Can I sell my award to someone else?
Currently no. We used to have a feature called Awards Market but it's no longer available.