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The 30/30 Method for Learning New Things

Posted Apr 4, 2024 10:47 AM
So, you want to learn hacking (or anything else for that matter) and you have ambitious goals. That's great, the motivation is there! What's the number one problem that creeps in again and again? Time!!! Where do you find the time to learn? Do you allocate hours in slots (aka deep work)? Do you take things in little spurts randomly when you can? Do you sporadically attempt to learn, starting and stopping, again and again never getting anywhere? Maybe some or all of these are all too familiar to you.

I'd like to introduce a tested methodology that is simple and effective. It's dubbed the 30/30 method. How does it work? You pick something you want to learn, spend thirty minutes a day for thirty day and measure your progress. At the end of this period, you've dedicated 900 minutes to learning and doing. Just think of the progress you could make in that time!

What You Need to Execute the 30/30 Method
  • A method of tracking daily progress
  • A reminder to do the work
  • Desire to learn/improve/etc...

Keep this simple! Build a little spreadsheet that has the day number and your goal. After each day, put an 'x' in the cell to signify you completed and smile.
PRO-TIP: don't wait for the start of a month or week, start today

Use some sort of reminder to keep you on track. If you use a calendar app, then schedule a daily notification. If you use a todo list program like Todoist, set it as a recurring task. While it might be great to allocate 30 minutes straight, for some of us, this just isn't practical on some days. So, split it up. Maybe you get a 45m lunch break. Each your lunch, enjoy your coworkers, and then split off with 20 minutes left and find a quiet area (wing of a hospital, empty break room, your car, coffee shop, etc...) and use ten minutes to learn. Now you've got 20 minutes left at some other point in the day. Break it up 15 in the morning and 15 in the evening. Get creative. The idea is to spend the time and really focus while you spend that time.

Desire to Learn/Improve/etc...
If you write out your goal, and the steps to your goal, then you will be more likely to follow through. You might say: "I want to learn hacking." That's a great start! Now, ask yourself, what specifically do I want/need to learn? Perhaps you're just getting started and you need to understand how the Burp Suite proxy works. So make note of that: "I want to learn the basics of Burp Suite Community." How will you do this? Narrow it down some more. "I'm going to start with the Burp Suite modules on TryHackMe. Once these are completed, I'll move onto the Portswigger modules to learn more specifics of the program."

Wrapping It Up
Now you have the knowledge and the tools. Get to learning!

Key Takeaways
  1. decide upon something to learn
  2. set specific goals to work toward
  3. take 30 minutes for 30 days straight to learn
  4. track your progress