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How to start dropshipping on Ebay

Posted 08-31-2019, 12:15 PM
Stage 1: Suppliers

When finding the suppliers for your dropshipping business, You need to check if they have any different shipping methods and where they will ship to.
Another thing you need to understand is how long does it take the supplier to process your order and how long it will take for the package to arrive, If they don't ship worldwide is another thing to keep in mind.
The quality of the product is key as if you start selling something that isn't what the customers want or they don't do what they are meant to do then you are going to get bad reviews and no more repeat customers. In the long run I find ordering one for yourself is a great way to test the product to see if it's up to your standards, but you can always rely on the product reviews.
Once you have found your supplier from whatever website (for example aliexpress) Contact them and let them know you want to become a retailer for their product/products and see what there policies on dropshipping. This can lead to many results but is the first step to dropshipping with ease. You can always not contact them and just buy the product manually and send it to the address from your customers.

Stage 2: Products

I wanted to put this before stage 1 but if you find a supplier that is reliable then they should have a large range of things you can buy from them to base your shop around it. So if you have a product in mind then skip this stage as its just a little advice for people to follow who are new to the business.
So when you want to dropship you want to make sure the product has a demand for it otherwise no one will buy anything from you, on ebay there is a large demand for many items but I would recommend you do some research on what is trending with high sales on ebay currently as it will be worth it in the long run, Following sale trends helps a huge amount!
From my experience when selling on ebay I have mainly focused on tech, But I know we all have our own idea so I am going to add a spoiler below with a list of ideas for people that need some ideas, the list is the items I have considered dropshipping before but never got around to it yet. (I seriously have a google doc with them all on as a list so this is the easiest bit of this thread.)

Spoiler (Click to View)

Stage 3: Setting Up Your Ebay Account

So its very easy to make an ebay account, But I want to advise everyone as I honestly know some people don't really know what they are doing.
When you are making, your account try and make you account look as professional as possible, this means don't use stupid names that don't relate to your products, otherwise people are going to question the account and it may even make the customers not want to buy from your ebay store, I know it sounds silly but it does happen.
When setting your account you want to make sure you have linked your Paypal account, if you have a verified Paypal then the whole process is very easy as you should get payments almost instantly and payments wont get put on hold. But you may be required to provide a tax ID for ebay as you are using your account for selling. If you don't know, your tax ID or don't have one please google it because you are a bit behind. If you want to gain some ratings on the account then buy some feedback, there is load of members on ebay doing it and it's a great way to make your account look decent. If you already have a decent rated account and it can somewhat relate to your products then go ahead and just use that, saves a lot of time and effort but can be risky.
Now your ebay account profile page is a HUGE deal, you need to make it look professional and detailed, this way everyone sees that the account is a proper business, this means you need to make your policies known, A detailed description of the business, It doesn't have to be long but make sure it's not a 1 liner.
Having a decent background can help with certain niches, but it isn't as important.

Stage 4: Creating Your Ebay Listings

Now this bit can be very easy as earlier I mentioned that if you contacted the supplier you would be able to see if they have product information you can use. It can be very easy to just copy and paste the information they have of the product Over to your Ebay listing(s)
I want to recommend that you use the buy now sale option here as auctions take too long and make the store look a bit weird, So make sure you make all products you are selling on Ebay "Buy it now"
Pricing can be based on what profit you want to make, but it needs to be in the area of other products on eBay as if you priced your products $20 over someone selling similar items the buyer is most likely going to go to that seller and not you. So again you are going to need to keep an eye on what other sellers are selling at and base it around them but make sure you are making a decent profit. From my experience, I have found that having a maximum price different of $10 is decent as most people will find that reasonable. Take your time on this step as the price can make a huge number of sales or none at all, it's as simple as that.

Stage 5: Managing Your Sales & Maintaining Your Store

Now that you have followed the last four stages it's time to make some decent money.
Managing your eBay account is very easy just keeping up to speed with your orders so that you can get the best ratings from your customers, If you want to make sure your orders are done within a few hours connect your phone to eBay so that you get notified when someone buys your item(s) that way you can instantly respond with their details to get the supplier to send the package out. But make sure they have paid because you don't want to lose out on money.
When the supplier runs out of stock on the item you are selling, you will want to suspend the item until the item comes back in stock with the supplier, this may even mean you can increase the amount for the item if the demand is high.
When your supplier's products become discontinued you will want to remove the product from your store and add a new product to replace it. Also, make sure you keep the account active with new items weekly as it can help with sales massively, it helps with the store rep & can even get some customers to come back to your store.
Now the last thing you want to worry about is serious, and that's your customers complaining, You want to respond to theses and try to resolve them ASAP because it can make your store look bad if you don't, it will also show you are loyal to your customers. Even if the customers are being, stupid try and make sure they are telling the truth about there claims, If need be bring eBay into the situation to help out, they can help a lot if you ring them up as they can almost instantly close the dispute and make everything an brease.  
09-06-2019, 03:43 PM
This article is very informative and of high quality. I was already thinking about doing drop shipping, your information gave me some serious hints where to go.
+1 and thank you :blackhat: