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How to Get a Free RDP from Google?

Posted 01-10-2021, 01:09 AM
Get yourself a FREE RDP from Google!

I) What's the Method?:
Basically in this method, I will show you how to get an RDP from Google, a simple method. This isn't a method on how to get a powerful RDP/VPS or an RDP with good specs. It's simply a guide on how to get a long-lasting RDP with good internet speed. I will mostly be going into how to set up a Linux Debian one.
TLDR, it's a Chrome RDP. It's not a private method.

Disclaimer: You will notice a lot of spelling mistakes within the code. This isn't a Grammar dictionary Guide, if you're easily triggered by it, edit the code yourself. I'm simply sharing this cuz it actually works, not because it's written in perfect English.

II) Tools & Requirement:
  • Internet.
  • Google Account.
  • An IQ over 10.

III) Instructions:
  • Assuming you already logged into the Google Account, go to https://colab.research.google.com/
  • Open File -> New Notebook.
    Spoiler (Click to View)

  • Copy Paste the following code, and hit RUN by clicking on the play button on the left:

    ! wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alok67...ain/RDP.sh &> /dev/null ! chmod +x RDP.sh ! ./RDP.sh
  • After hitting run, it will take a couple of minutes on this:
    [Image: d4d55ce524e031734d21ccf6d5b63b65.png]

  • Then click on the following link:
    [Image: 06f2838f3c642907623465380a5ae984.png]

  • On that page hit the following: Begin -> Next -> Authorize -> Copy the Debian Linux code
    Spoiler (Click to View)

  • Paste the copied code here and hit enter:
    [Image: 598e8133ab8548fb59738fba33071abf.png]

  • Enter a password made of min 6 digit:
    [Image: 6c4fa97535e765baf25ee05e7c306d49.png]
    Do it again
    [Image: d3d3922f421e6fbb0ec9dad5b7b5eaf4.png]

  • You will be provided with the following link:
    [Image: e1198774b3d0361d8524e38ff035143a.png]

  • You will be redirected to the following page where you will see your available RDPs, click on the one you just made:
    [Image: e1fc4075211cdf1f82e3b3549dfc29c9.png]

  • Enter the PIN you just chose earlier:
    [Image: 50a6b3b5744dea0431a61623e8ff914d.png]

  • Congrats. Here's a screenshot of a speedtest I did on one of the ones I quickly made.
    [Image: 7479cc2d31346a5557f79b8996ca66a5.png]

01-14-2021, 07:51 AM
Just test it, had to split up the commands since running the whole string didn't work
after splitting it up it worked +1