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[Guide] Instagram Guide for Beginners | How Grow & Monetize/Earn from your IG page!

Posted 01-09-2021, 02:02 AM
Instagram Guide for Beginners!
How Grow & Monetize/Earn from your IG page!

I) Account Setup:

  1. Niche:
    It's simply the Topic or what your account will be focusing on. It could be a narrow/small niche or a general/broad niche. An example of a narrow niche could be "MMA Memes", "BMW cars", "Cute cat content", etc... An example of a general niche could be "Viral Content" (ie: Unilad, Pubity), "Memes", "Health & Lifestyle", "Motivation & Luxury", etc...
    Both types have their pros and cons. It might take you a long time to grow a narrow niche account compared to a general niche, but it means you might have a higher engagement rate compared to a general niche. This means you might have a higher conversion rate, so you can charge more for a sponsored post. However, a general niche account will give you a bigger catalog of content to upload and a bigger audience to target.

  2. Username:
    Username, Handle, Alias (rarely used) is just your @ which people use to find your account and tag/mention you in other places. Some have their usernames not related to their niche, some like to have it long. Even though you can still grow your account with a random long username, I personally prefer to have a short and niche related username. It also has to be something that is easy to pronounce so it can be passed in daily conversation between people.
    Example:" @LuxuryHeaven "  It's easy and simple, if you see a viral video on it, you can go to your friends and be like "YO have you seen that mad video posted by LuxuryHeaven on IG". Now imagine the same conversion but with the username "@xxLuxury_Heavenx_ ", it won't sound easy to say.

  3. Profile Picture:
    It's another important thing that you need to set up from the start. Make it clean a simple. Depending on your niche, you can just use a random image related to your niche, or make a dedicated logo for your brand.

  4. Profile Creation:
    This will mainly consist of making your account a Business/Creator account so you can have access to the analytics and a couple of other features, writing your Bio and profile name.
    You will firstly choose to make your account wither Business or Creator depending on what type of account you're making of course. Then, you will add your contact email to where you can get contacted. Make sure you put a different email to what you used to register with to avoid getting targeted with phishing and brute-forcing attempts. You can also add your email to the bio too. Regarding the profile name, I personally prefer to make it like the username, so if my username is @LuxuryHeaven, my profile name will be "Luxury Heaven".
    Something that is important in your profile bio is the URL you can have there, it's useful to direct your audience to anywhere else. It might be a pain in the ass to keep changing the URL every other day if you have multiple links you want to direct your audience to, so a really useful tool to use is Linktree. It's a really useful tool where you can set up a dedicated page with multi links in it. Useful for people who want to link multiple social media pages, merch, websites, etc... Also useful for anyone doing OnlyFans as Instagram usually ban accounts with direct OnlyFans links in their bio.

II) Content Creation:

  1. Original & Outsourced Content:
    I categorize Instagram content into 2 main categories, Original Content "OC" and Outsourced Content.
    It's self-explanatory, Original Content is the content you created yourself, and Outsourced Content is the content you take from other places and you repost to your account either as it is, or modified in one way or another.

  2. Photo Editing:
    This isn't a Graphic Design Tutorial, so I won't be able to get into a lot of details and instructions when it comes to Photo or Video Editing.
    However, make sure your posts are clean and good looking. If you're running for example a Quotes or Motivation IG page, try to put a bit of time to make a good and clean template which you can reuse and just change the Text + Background Image. As soon as you have a good template, it will just take a few seconds to make and export the photos.
    A good source for Copyright Free Images that you can use commercially is Unsplash. It gives you a huge catalog of all sorts of images uploaded by the photographers themselves for people to use freely without the need for credit either.
    Example:Spoiler (Click to View)

  3. Video Editing:
    As stated in the previous section, this is not an editing tutorial. Depending on the content you make, I would recommend an editing style that I call the "SoFlo Style/Method". I call it like that because he was one of the first people to make it popular on Facebook. It's simply adding a white or black rectangle at the top and bottom of the video and you add texts on them where you write your catchy caption and you add 2-3 emojis.

III) Types of IG Content:

  1. Posts:
    The most used and known feature. You can either upload videos or photos. It's also the main core type of content you should be posting on your account as that's what users see when they check your profile.

  2. Stories:
    A feature Instagram adopted as their own version of Snapchat. It's useful to share your posts on it when you post them, upload daily updates, and 10-second videos with announcements, alerts, etc... Stories last for 24h then disappear.

  3. Story Highlights:
    A feature linked to IG Stories. It can be used in different styles. You can use it as a catalog of trips, different events, types of stories, promote your social media pages, etc...

    Spoiler (Click to View)

  4. IG Live:
    Livestream feature where you can talk and interact with your audience. Mostly useful for people who run personal/brand accounts. It includes some interesting features you can use while live-streaming like the ability for users to submit questions to you, and having guests on Livestream.

  5. IGTV:
    A mini version of YouTube, preferably to be used for long videos, montages, mini-documentaries.

  6. Reels:
    The newest feature Instagram announced. It's their own version of TikTok. Short portrait videos. It's still a new feature, so you might have high chances of getting some good traffic from it. Try to only use it to upload "TikTok type" content, and if you already have a TikTok account with videos on it, reupload them on IG Reels.

IV) Post Optimization:

  1. Description:
    It's important to have a good description for your post. The formula I use and is mostly used is: Caption + Call-to-Action + Hashtags.
    You will most likely gonna end up having some sort of template that you gonna keep reusing for every post but just modify the caption with one that suits the post.
    An example of a post description I use for a Photography account is this:
    That view tho 😍😍 (📌 Tag 2 friends you want to go there with)..🔌 Follow @flavoral for more! 🔌 Follow @flavoral for more! 🔌 Follow @flavoral for more! ...
  2. Hashtags:
    An important way to get your posts out there to reach the public. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. I would recommend using between 20-30 hashtags.
    Make sure to avoid hashtags like #like4like #comment4comment #follow4follow and porn/gore related hashtags too. Don't make the hashtags list you use 100% full of Hashtags that have millions of posts under. Make sure to mix them, include some of the big ones, but also target some of the medium-sized ones as it's easier to rank on them and get traffic on them as there aren't thousands of posts posted every minute on it. Also, create a couple of hashtags dedicated just to your page.

  3. Location:
    A feature that is not used a lot by IG pages. However, it's also a good feature to rank your post at the top of a specific location and get traffic from it. I would say it's perfect for Photography, Travel, Viral videos, News niche accounts. However, it can also be used by other niches depending on how they use it.

  4. Profile Tags:
    Some people think that you can only tag people in a picture, but you can also tag users in a video and I'm not talking about tagging in the description either. Try to use this and tag your own account in every post so it shows in the tagged posts tab too.
    If you're outsourcing a post and reposting it from another curator, tag them in it to increase the chances of them sharing your post in their stories.
    You should also tag a bunch of bigger competitor pages in the same niche so you can show up in their tagged posts tab. That way their followers can also discover your posts from them. It might look "spammy" on a photo, but it looks much cleaner if you're doing it on a video.

  5. Time to Post:
    This is where experimenting and analyzing are in. As you keep posting on your account, you need to find the best times during the day where most of your followers are active so you can get as much traffic as possible. You can get this information from your account Analytics. You can also check when other pages from the same niche are mostly posting. Are they posting 1-2 per day? every 4-6h?
    Example how it will look like:
    [Image: eae353f09fee10fc5261fff61fa25094.png]

V) How to get traffic:

  1. Constant Uploads:
    I mean it's obvious. Keep posting frequently using the points discussed in the "Post Optimization" section to get as much organic traffic as possible.

  2. Mass Follow-Unfollow:
    As it says, it's simply mass following then unfollowing users who follow big pages in your niche. You will most likely get a good amount of followers back, but there's a high chance of most of them end up being inactive followers which will just ruin your engagement rate and might not make Instagram push your posts in the Explore tab as why would they push a post from an account which its own followers are not interacting with.

  3. Mass Comment:
    An indirect alternative to the Follow-Unfollow method. You will go around a mass comment on posts either from hashtags you're using, or bigger pages in the hope users see your comment and check your page. Be cautious however to not abuse it and end up being action blocked by Instagram for spamming comments.

  4. ShoutOuts:
    This is simply where you request from other pages to give you a shoutout either in a story or a post tag. This will most likely require you a bit of an investment to pay other pages to promote you unless you make a deal with them in exchange for something.

  5. Power Likes/Comment:
    This is basically paying a big page or simply a network that has access to multiple big pages to like and comment on your post as soon as you post it.
    This during a period of time was really useful as Instagram would push your post to the explore page and mostly the explore page of the big page followers.

  6. Engagement Pods/Groups:
    It's simply groups where people with different pages and different sizes comment on each other's posts to raise engagement.
    Engagement Pods are usually either in Instagram DMs, Telegram, and WhatsApp. You will different types of groups, they either accept everyone, have a minimum amount of followers required, only accepting pages from a certain niche, and they also are either free or pay to join.

  7. Contests:
    Pretty simple, you will basically run a contest for anything you want to offer, but in the requirement, you will ask that the user has to tag 2-3 people in the comments and share the post in their story. That way you can get your profile pushed to more people.

  8. Giveaway Method:
    There's a reason why this is a bit different than the previous "contest" method. This method will require a big active page. You probably seen it on your IG Feed multiple times. It's basically when you see a massive page running a "giveaway" or a "contest" where they're giving a huge prize but the only requirement to join that contest is to go follow everyone that account is following which always ends up being like 7-15 people. If it's not obvious by now, those 7-15 accounts that users are required to follow actually paid a fee to that big page owner to be part of that giveaway.

  9. Collab/Crossposting:
    This is simply where you reach out to other pages with similar niches and you collab in a project to expose your accounts to each other's audience.

  10. Fake Bots:
    Obvious, fake bots=fake stats. I don't recommend it if you want to grow a stat account. However, if you want to buy fake followers/likes/comments then you can find many SMM panels.

  11. Ads:
    More real legit paid way, but it's not organic traffic. Also, you will need a bigger budget. It might take you a while to figure the best strategies for the ads. I would also highly recommend using Facebook Ads Manager to run the ads and not through the IG app itself to have more customizations in targeting and ad optimization.

VI) Automation Tools:

  1. Buffer:
    Buffer is a useful tool for scheduling and getting more analytics for your account. Running a page might become a headache when you're trying to keep up with the frequent uploads, let alone trying to manage multiple pages at the same time. That's why scheduling posts is really useful. The best way is to make a bulk amount of posts at the start of the month, and use Buffer to schedule them to be automatically posted throughout the month.
    Buffer offers a 14-days free trial after that you can choose any of their plans that fit you best.

  2. Jarvee:
    Unlike Buffer, Jarvee is a full automation tool with more features which include auto Follow-unfollow, auto reports, auto likes, auto comment, and scheduling too.
    Jarvee offers a 5-days free trial after you can choose any of their plans that fit you best.

  3. Canva:
    Canvas is a popular and amazing tool used by many people managing social media pages to make clean and easy to make designs and posts.
    They offer both a Free plan and different Paid plans with additional features.

  4. InShot:
    InShot is an amazing Free and easy to use video editing phone app. It's useful to edit videos you download from other places (example: TikTok videos), resize them to Insagram's resolution size, and export it in few minutes.
    Like Canca, InShot is Free to use, but they also offer Paid plans to remove their watermark and ads.

  5. Other Tools:
    There are many other tools with different features that you can find. A quick look in the HF Marketplace and you will find many tools being sold. Also if you look on Github you can find many projects and source codes being offered for free. One of the projects I recommend checking out is: InstaPy

VII) How to Earn:
Most of those have been discussed before, so I will make it simple and direct.

  1. Shoutouts:
    Simply selling shoutouts in form of 24h posts, perminant posts, or a story.

  2. Brand Deals:
    It's when a Brand or a Company is paying you to promote and endorse their service or their product.

  3. Power Likes / Comments:
    Only applicable if you run a big active page and especially if you have access to a network of multiple big pages. It's when you sell likes and comments from your account to other people.

  4. GiveAway Method:
    Only applicable if you run a big active page. You get 10 people to pay you $300 each for example, unfollow everyone you follow except for those 10 people that paid you, then you run a giveaway on your account with a prize of $1000-1500, and have the requirement to join the giveaway is to follow all 10 users you're following. You get some good money from it, the 10 people get traffic and followers from it, and your audience/followers get the chance to win a big prize.

  5. Merch:
    Easy and useful if you have a large and strong following. You can make custom merch for your brand and your followers can purchase them to support you.

  6. Other Methods:
    There are more ways to make money from your Instagram which include Affiliate links, CPA, and Dropshipping. However, you will have to make dedicated research into those fields to be able to apply them correctly with your IG page.

01-09-2021, 11:54 PM
Nice long HQ blog post. Thank you.