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My Trip To Nashville

Posted 09-08-2021, 08:14 AM
Made a trip to Nashville, Tennessee with my girlfriend and our kids, they had a great time.  We started off the day by grabbing breakfast and going to the Nashville Zoo.  It was a pretty cool experience, thankfully the rain held off to keep us from having our day ruined.  We had gone to Nashville the weekend before this, but we didn't know that EVERYTHING we had planned had to be reserved.  The trip back made it worth it all though. 

After leaving the Zoo, we went to Opry Mills Mall and did some shopping (spent way more money than I intended to lol).
We ate dinner at the Aquarium Restaurant where I had the best Shrimp Linguini I've ever had in my life, hands down.  After leaving the restaurant, we went and played games at Dave and Busters, even set the new high score on some Guitar Hero 3 songs on their arcade machine.  We played the VR Coaster game they have as well, the Jurassic World one.  It was pretty cool. 

After the mall we went to our hotel and got the kids to bed, my girlfriend and I decided to step onto the balcony and have some wine and relax.  The next morning, we took the kids swimming for a couple of hours before going out for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  Had some ribs with quinoa and mixed veggies.  After doing that, we went to the movies to take the kids to see the sequel to Peter Rabbit.  It was a pretty cool and fun family outing.  Definitely recommend visiting whether you have kids or not.

The Aquarium Restaurant, love the setting, had a massive aquarium which was very aesthetically pleasing.  The food was a tad pricey, but you get what you pay for and then some.  We were served within 30 minutes with dishes that you could visibly tell they paid very close attention to, not only in presentation, but in taste.  Beautifully dress shrimp, homemade linguini noodles in a homemade alfredo sauce.  And you know their sweet tea was the coma-inducing sweet tea you'd only find in the south.

[Image: Vg4EP9K.jpg]
[Image: yDh3wIw.jpg]
[Image: A52JkRV.jpg]
[Image: jn5IpP3.jpg]
[Image: W5JnfvJ.jpg]
[Image: J0mAvmn.jpg]
[Image: y0WO2IF.jpg]
[Image: IZ29BTH.jpg]
[Image: IeCbuIe.jpg]
[Image: 0SBSV8v.jpg]
09-19-2021, 02:46 AM
That toucan is beautiful, I'd love to pet it.
Great blog post! :)