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Review of "The Tomorrow War" **SPOILERS INSIDE**

Posted 09-08-2021, 07:36 PM
The Tomorrow War

[Image: e9f114f8b6681323913976c4a96b6cbd.png]


The Tomorrow War is a new Amazon Original movie released on July 2, 2021.  Chris Pratt portrays father and former special forces operative, Dan Forester.  He has a young daughter and a beautiful wife.  The movie wastes no time jumping into the plot of the movie, which is great for the viewer, but it doesn't really spend any time towards character development early on.  While watching the World Cup, a portal of sorts appears mid-field and hundreds of soldiers begin dropping on the ground sweeping the area.  A woman steps forward, commanding the cameras and audiences attention, to inform the world that they are from 30 years in the future, they have been invaded by aliens, and their world is coming to an end.  The story begins.

Worldwide governments declare that there will be a global draft to send people to the future to assist in fending off these creatures in an attempt to either save the future world, or find a way to keep the war from ever starting in the first place.  Unfortunately for Dan (Pratt), when he received his screening to determine if he would be drafted, the scientists of the future discovered he would die in only 7 years (23 years before the war even starts).  Due to this, he is forced to be a soldier once again to attempt saving the world, potentially, the universe.  A nice comic duo is inserted into the mix during the orientation briefing of all the new recruits. Norah (Mary Lynn Rajskub) and Cowan (Mike Mitchell) manage to provide some comic relief for the viewer, but concern for Dan and the other soldiers.  They immediately showed that they would not survive without the help of recruits like Dan and Dorian (Edwin Hodge).

Alarms go off, a laboratory in the future that was being used to study potential weaknesses of the alien species was under attack, so all recruits were forced to deploy immediately instead of having a 7-day training and briefing period.
The film was great about not hiding the appearances of the aliens, I feel when movies hide the appearance until later in the movie, it can cause the viewer to be underwhelmed once they finally see what they're dealing with.  The design of the creatures was honestly impressive, the fluid motions, characteristics, backstory, and physical attributes they gave them presents the viewers with one of the smoothest and impressive concepts you'd find in a movie.

After going into the lab to attempt rescuing the soldiers and scientists that were inside, they find that everyone is dead, what they didn't expect, was that they weren't alone in the building anymore.  They get chased out of the building showing an impressive arsenal of weapons, from razor sharp teeth and claws, long appendages capable of shooting projectile spikes, unbelievable strength, speed, awareness and intellect.  Truly a death machine, but there are MILLIONS of them.  They make it out of the building after calling in an airstrike, but they are given 10 minutes to evacuate the area before they get caught in the explosions.  Sadly, the comic relief dies, but they go out saving the lives of all of the other recruits while taking out hundreds of aliens which we learn are called "White Spikes."

Later on Dan is called up to meet the Colonel of the Earth's Future Army, unbeknownst to him, it's his daughter in the future.  She grew up to become a scientist and soldier.  Basically a fighting machine with the highest IQ on the planet.
She informs him that in her timeline, he had left them and she made it visibly clear she hasn't forgiven him for it.  The last time she had seen him, he died in front of her, and seeing him like he was when she was a child, made it feel like she was seeing a ghost.  He assured her that couldn't be true, he would never leave her and her mother.  Not aware, she meant that he left them when he died (she would've been a young teenager at the time of his death).  She tells him that she personally brought him there, because she needed him in order to save the world.  That no one else but him could do it. 

We are told that there is 1 queen, far larger than the other aliens, far more powerful, but has a big red belly to distinguish itself from the rest.  They captured the queen, transported it back to a base in the ocean used to study their weaknesses and test them.  The found that a Toxin they created is capable of killing the White Spikes easily, but the effects aren't the same for the queen.  After sedating her and extracting blood samples, Muri (his daughter) is able to make a toxin that could be contained within a small capsule, and if injected would kill the White Spikes.  The queen managed to awaken and break her shackles, it pans out and millions of White Spikes were storming the base and slaughtering everyone in their path.  Dan and Muri go outside and start fighting off aliens to the best of their ability, until one shoots a spike through his daughters abdomen.  Seeing that she was pierced through an artery and was certainly about to die, she gave the sample of the toxin to her father and told him that she needed him to save the world... by taking the toxin back to his timeline, so it could be made before the invasion starts.  A White Spike lunges at her, but goes over the edge of a railing about to fall into the ocean of White Spikes.  Dan catches his daughter as she begins to fall with the alien, they have an emotional moment, but her hand slips free of his grasp.  Being the hero that he is, he dives down to certain death in an attempt to take her hand, and the last thing he sees before being teleported back to his timeline, is his adult daughter falling in a literal  sea of aliens ready to rip her to pieces.

Back in his own time, he reunites with some of the recruits from orientation, just to discover, the aliens didn't land there, they were ALWAYS there to begin with.  They travel to Russia and discover a crashed spaceship carrier under all of the ice and the pilot of the ship was a completely different species of alien.  Apparently, White Spikes were essentially that alien species equivalent to cattle.  They find several incubating in the storage area of the ship, they inject the sacs with the toxin and watch the aliens melt to a gooey mess.  However, the noise awoke the others, and they tried escaping the ship.  Dan's father was outside and managed to kill all of the escaped aliens except for 1... THE QUEEN (the most important one to kill.)

Dan and his father track down the Queen White Back, and a battle ensues between the 3.  It was a back and forth struggle for Dan and his Father and the Alien.  But Dan was able to slice and dice, run and gun and punch and kick the alien to death.  The killing blow, was slicing the Queens throat, exploding a toxin capsule in the mouth of the alien and stabbing it with a toxin charge in one of its appendages.  The alien is staggering at the edge of an icey cliff, Dan looks at it and yells, "DIE!" and spartan kicks it off the edge of the cliff, and looked down and watched as it fell down to a rock and exploded into pieces. Dan's father looked over at him and said, "Did you tell it to die?" Dan replied, "Yeah."
His father said, "...and it worked. Goddammit, why didn't you just say it sooner?"  They laughed.

Dan returns home to his daughter (present day) and wife and finally introduced his father to his daughter.  There's a heartfelt moment and then it pans to a TV where a politician tries to claim it was all his idea sending them to Russia to save humanity, despite the fact he told them he wouldn't help them.  Dan, his father and friends, and most importantly, his daughter, saved the world.

The movie started off with little to no character development, though through the course of the movie you develop a natural connection to the cast.  The casting was phenomenal, really didn't have any big names outside of Pratt that would overshadow his performance or make the movie and actors hard to believe and be invested in.

It had plenty of moments that put you on the edge of your seat, moments that tugged at your heartstrings, moments that made you laugh and some that just really made you feel bad for Dan, his family and some of the recruits.  The movie didn't drag on in the beginning with a super slow start, it also didn't abruptly give you a bullshit ending, there was finality. 

The action scenes were very well put together and entertaining to watch, the alien design was impressive.  The secondary animations in the film seemed more realistic than even some of the true elements in some scenes. They didn't stack too many storylines that would confuse viewers, they maintained a prominent focus, with an underlying story of trying to learn more about the in-between years of Dan and his family's life.

Downsides would be, they have you thinking you're going to see the recruits from the beginning through the entire movie, but after the first battle at the lab you don't see the recruits again until after Dan returns home at the end.  They still have value and still contribute to the story building process, but it was a long duration without their presence, you almost forget about them after a while.

Overall, I'd recommend this movie to just about anybody. It was entertaining as hell, definitely would be an incredible cinematic experience.

8.5 out of 10
09-17-2021, 10:30 AM
I'm sorry but Chris Pratt is not a good dad actor. :P I gave this move a 5/10