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HF Background Color - Altering Cookies for Custom Colors

Posted Sep 11, 2022 09:49 AM
[Image: 9ujsS8V.gif]

HF Background Color - Altering Cookies for Custom Colors
Make the background match you

With the recent theme updates put in place by Omniscient, we now have the option to alter the background color to one of three colors:

- Black
- Dark Gray
- Lighter Gray

But what if you wanted the color a navy blue or a neon green? No problem, let's change that! The color values are stored using cookies meaning that you have control and can modify them to whatever color you want. Today, we are going to cover exactly how to do that.

We will go over how to modify cookies in the following browsers:

- Chrome/Brave/Opera
- Firefox

Chrome/Brave (Click to View)

Firefox (Click to View)

A great place to find some clean and smooth colors is:

Just click on a color you like and it'll automatically copy the hex code. When you paste it into the table, it won't put the # symbol, so make sure you add that before the code so it properly works.