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[TuT] How to get Steam games for 70%+ cheaper

Posted 10-06-2022, 12:11 PM
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Steam Savings Method - Regional Accounts
Learn how to get over 70% off on new releases!

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I.) Introduction
We've all been there. A new AAA title releases and the game is priced at the standard norm pricing of $59.99 if not higher. Now, if you're a working man/woman, this isn't a big deal for you. However for college/school students, money has often been a constraint while purchasing games on Steam. While I believe that the developers should profit for their work, if their game delivers quality, I also believe that one should pay what they feel comfortable with paying so you don't end up regretting it later.

As you might know, companies like Xbox and Steam follow regional pricing adaptations, which will adjust the regional pricing of certain countries with weaker economies, such as Russia, Argentina, Turkey, Pakistan, India, and Vietnam accordingly with the respective country's average income levels. However with what I've noticed, you can mostly get away unscathed with changing your region and topping up your account in the future to purchase further games at a discount.

One such example I shall illustrate is Cyberpunk 2077's current pricing. It currently costs around $7.5 USD for Turkey, while the same game sells for CDN $39.99 or USD $29.99 on mainstream regions such as US/CA. Better yet, in most cases, the games are absolutely the same, with no changes across them. You can use SteamDB.info to look up more games with similar pricing variations to understand what I'm getting at here.

II.) Requirements
  • Steam account; preferably new however you can also switch your existing account to another region.
  • Any VPN with the respective location (Argentina, Turkey, Vietnam) as an available location
  • Internationally valid payment method (should be able to accept ARS, TRY or VND payments accordingly)

III.) Tutorial
  1. Once you've acquired your VPN, activate it and launch your Steam app (or head over to their website).

  2. Select a game you're looking to purchase and add it to your cart, in this case we'll take Cities: Skyline:

    [Image: L2MrsPW.png]

  3. Once you've added it to your cart, head over to the checkout window.

  4. On the top right section of your shopping cart, you will see a drop-down box for Country Selection. Select this, and you shall see two available locations (original country on the Steam account and your current VPN IP's geolocated country).

    [Image: 2XdmC07.jpg]

  5. You will be prompted to confirm your selection, which will also automatically convert any credit balance you have in your Steam wallet to the new country's local currency.

    [Image: c1hpiIM.jpg]

  6. Of course for savings, I'd recommend you to select a country such as Argentina or Turkey where a vast majority of the games are cheap. Russia used to be a viable option too however considering the Ukraine situation, a majority of video game developers have pulled out of Russia and hence you will face a scarcity of games while using a Russian account.

  7. Once you've finished the selection, the price of your selected product shall be adjusted automatically.

    [Image: pfzu8h2.jpg]

  8. Proceed to checkout and enter your payment method. As of 2020, you will require a payment methodt that will be able to accept charges in local currency (eg. ARS, TRY accordingly). If your card does not support this, don't worry. I'll be explaining a few alternate modes of payment within this thread in case you don't have an international card or a forex-supported card.

    [Image: 0TH4ETT.jpg]

  9. Make sure to use a seemingly valid address as per the region to avoid suspicions. Steam has been catching up on abuse lately. I'd recommend topping up your wallet by purchasing off-market popular CSGO skins and selling them for Steam balance or using global region GCs rather than manually topping it up directly with international payment methods.

IV.) VCC Providers

[Image: 8wGxiIV.png]

For those who don't have forex-supported cards, I shall explain two viable methods for
  • Revolut is an online banking app which lets you manage your money online with the benefits of receiving a card that is valid for international payments

  • Monzo is a close alternative to Revolut, providing a virtual/physical card that support international payments.

  • Binance and FTX are centralized exchanges (CEX) that provide you with an internationally valid card.

  • Bitpay is one such company that provides you with a virtual card that instantly converts cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa.

  • Privacy.com is a virtual masked card provider that allows you to operate multiple cards (that support international payments)

Kindly note that these services may be subject to transaction/forex fees (which are minimal). At the end of the day, it's still worth a shot if you personally don't own a local/international payment method.

[Image: gXRamuy.gif]