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Rescuing my First Dog (Adoption)

Posted 08-31-2019, 12:14 PM
Dog Name: Holly
Breed: Pitbull/Bassett Hound Mix
Color: Tan with white spots
Before Adoption Pics:

[Image: NZ7wILG.png]
[Image: Omgj9wp.png]

How it all started

When I was around the age of five, my first dog was an all-white German Shepard. From what my parents told me, he was a really good dog and a protector for our family. One day when we all went on vacation, we left the dog with our neighbor because she used to take care of him while we were all gone. One day, she decided to put the dog on his runner which was attached to his house. Unfortunately, our dog wanted this squirrel so bad that he climbed on top of his house and was going to leap after it. When he jumped the leash had caught and snapped his neck during the process, he died instantly. I do not remember much of the dog, nor do I remember the death. Ever since the age of seven and up, I constantly asked my parents every Christmas to buy myself a new dog. It never happened until..

Finding Holly

Around the age of twenty-one, my parents caved in and allowed me to find a dog. I went straight down to the rescue center and had my eye on this pitbull that was sitting in there all by himself. I went home to collect my money, but when I got back I found out that he was already up for adoption and was being picked up that day. I guess it was meant to be. After that, I searched online around my area for dogs in rescue facilities. When searching, I came across a really good looking dog, and the description said she was a very good family dog. Holly was located in another state that was right next to mine. My family and I drove to that area where she was in a kennel with other dogs being taken care of.

Holly's Backstory

After arriving at the kennel, I noticed she was in her cage while the other dogs were out playing around. Come to find out, as a young dog she was used and abused by other dogs for fights, and such. Due to this she would try and attack dogs immediately once she approached them. That didn't bother me as long as she was friendly towards humans. The trainer put all of the dogs in their cages and took her out. She played at my feet looking so damn sad, it was awful feeling her down vibe. Talking to the trainer a bit, he stated she was an amazing house dog but she had that slight issue. He allowed us to take her for a week.


We took Holly to our home for the trial week. After just one hour with her, we decided we could never let her go. Usually, the dog costs three hundred dollars to adopt, but for some reason, they did not want any money. We have had Holly ever since and treat her like a Qween.

Years Later

Holly is still a young dog, she is around 3-4 years old. We have three separate beds for her in our home so she can be with us in every room. We keep her diet very clean so she filled out perfectly. I bathe her once a week, along with brushing her teeth. Nails get clipped every two weeks or longer. She has more toys than two babies put together. We purchased a life-jacket for her so she can come on the boat with us and swim. You can tell she loved her life and appreciates use. It is amazing to see the difference in her vibe.

After Adoption:

[Image: 8fdded29681e92d5841f2486de583187.png]
[Image: a71fb9913a03eaa09aaa6057c55b6474.png]
[Image: 3bc81f4855adea22577e57a826707384.png]
[Image: e4243ffb7406ec1fab97aa917db18727.png]
[Image: a3b20c0f17cc8dbf405278ad8ec1bfbe.png]
04-03-2022, 01:29 PM
This is an adorable story, I hope Holly is doing well.
10-31-2021, 02:35 PM
Nice I've also got a rescue cat, I found him when he was really young.
09-03-2019, 06:37 PM
She's a cutie, good on you for rescuing her you got yourself a buddy for life right there.