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Font Psychology & How To Use It

Posted 10-09-2021, 12:57 PM
[Image: Frame-1.png]

Many designers on here may not know that fonts play a major role in human psychology. The easiest way to prove it is simply by trying to imagine a playful font on a real-estate website. You probably cringe at the thought of that. I'd like to share with you some knowledge about general font types and where to use them. So to summarize, font psychology definition is that the study of how different fonts and typographic styles impact viewers' thoughts, feelings, and behavior associating the font design with unconscious emotions.

Serif Fonts
Serif fonts are the most traditional option as they are associated with feelings of heritage and tradition at the same time that makes your brand feel established.

Associated with: 
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Tradition
  • Formal
  • Elegance

Best for:
  • Financial Companies
  • Fashion Brands
  • College
  • Editorials
  • Real Estate, Luxury

[Image: Frame-2.png]

Sans-Serif Fonts
Sans-serif fonts are clean, modern, and engaging. They're used by brands that want to demonstrate a straightforward, simple, and no-nonsense attitude. They're the most used fonts as they're neutral and very easy on the eyes.

Associated with: 
  • Straighforward
  • Trust
  • Modern
  • Clean
  • Minimal

Best for:
  • Sport Brands
  • Technology Brands
  • Modern
  • Start-ups

[Image: spotify.png]

Script Fonts
Script fonts are the perfect choice for a more elaborated and detailed look for your logo design and tend to look fancier.

Associated with: 
  • Happy
  • Elegant
  • Fancy
  • Creative
  • Whimsical

Best for:
  • Food-related Companies
  • Elegant Brands
  • Children Focused Brands
  • Fashion Brands

[Image: coca.png]

Display Fonts
Display fonts are one of the most versatile fonts as they are usually personally made for brands and are a popular choice for typography logo design due to their personality. It's risky to use display fonts as they can be hard on the eyes.

Associated with: 
  • Casual
  • Fun
  • Unique
  • Personality

Best for:
  • Food-related Companies
  • Children Focused Brands

[Image: disney.png]

Light vs Medium vs Bold
When using font-weight, it's important to know how to do it. You should NEVER use very bold fonts for paragraphs as it will look out of place. Here are some general rules you should follow when creating your next design:

Light Weight (Best for paragraph text):
  • Delicate
  • Soft
  • Modern

Medium Weight (Best for paragraph text):
  • Readability
  • Clean
  • Crisp

Bold Weight (Best for headlines & titles):
  • Strong
  • Powerful
  • Attention

Where to find fonts?
Now that you've learned something about how to properly use fonts to play with human psychology, you need a good place to find fonts.

Some amazing fonts:

https://fonts.google.com/ - You can filter your fonts by their categories, a number of styles and so much more. They give you access to professional fonts that you can use commercially free on all your websites.

https://www.dafont.com/ - Font site where you can get access to tons of amateur fonts that are completely free. Great for display fonts, but not as good for sans-serif fonts.

https://fonts.adobe.com/ - Amazing font site, although it's paid (free with CC subscription). If you use Photoshop for UI work, then this is a perfect choice.