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How to claim $200+ free Azure Credit

Posted 06-14-2022, 08:25 PM
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How to get $200+ of Azure credit for free
Can be repeated as many times as you want!

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I.) Prelude for the method
The crux of the method revolves around the new "Free account" offering available on Azure Cloud. With thorough testing I've confirmed that it doesn't charge your original payment method, and within this thread I'll also be listing an alternate method to make sure you spend $0 at the end of the day in claiming your $200 credit.

In today's world where everything on the Internet relies upon technology, which subsequently depends upon hardware and bare metal for processing power, you need powerful servers to get complex tasks done. However, webhosts are generally not so affordable, because at the end of the day it runs on a business model. Of course, shared hosting would be a cheap option but it comes with its disadvantage such as less security and limited resources.

By acquiring RDPs directly from Azure and not through any third party, you have an assurance of security and quality as the product comes directly from Microsoft. Unlike webhosts like Vultr, who rely upon reselling from larger companies, you get access to servers owned & operated within Microsoft's rackspace.

One of the benefits within this method is the repeatability of the method, so you could run your server for effectively $0 charge for several months non-stop.

II.) Requirements
  • An email address (preferably not a throwaway because you may be asked for email verification upon future logons)
  • A phone number (can be disposable)
  • A disposable card (I'll be explaining where to get one if you don't have one shortly below)

III.) Process
The process only takes roughly a few minutes to complete but I'll be including steps to retain your data across various Azure accounts.

  1. Create an Azure account from the following link: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/free/
  2. Specify your email address, phone # (if you don't have one, you can use services such as 5sim, SMSPVA or Proovl)
  3. Link a card as your payment method (you won't be charged; for optimal results use a PayWithMoon card that you can destroy after creation)
  4. Voila! You've just received $200 in credit for the first month
  5. When the free credit is is low or you're nearing the 30-day window, I suggest capturing an "image" or "snapshot" of your server and deleting it.
  6. Repeat the steps provided here to create a new account
  7. Load the previous server's image & boom, you're onto your second month.

IV.) An introduction to PayWithMoon

[Image: G8cN1xK.png]

For those who have not heard of this service before, I recommend that you should check it out.
PayWithMoon is a platform that allows you to pay with crypto everywhere Visa® cards are accepted. Private, secure & no-fees.

You can pay with Coinbase (internally, zero fee) or with the Lightning Network. Fees are absolutely minimal and you have the options to delete cards after creation (while retaining the balance you've used), so with PayWithMoon used on this method, you'll be able to get unlimited Azure credit for absolutely $0

V.) Video
For the ease of usability and to guide everyone, I've created a video below illustrating the steps involved in the process. Feel free to have a look at it.

Now feel free to go ahead and try the method if you're in need of a webhost, or simply a Windows RDP to play around with.
I would say the 5 minutes of time invested in the setup is well worth the rewards/savings you stand to receive.