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Modify Background Color of HackForums

Posted Sep 13, 2022 06:14 PM
Here's my first attempt at writing this tutorial on how to change your background color to any color you want.

For Google Chrome and Brave:

Right click  anywhere and it shall open a menu. In the menu click on inspect.

This will open up a new window within the webpage.
It should show the html code of the website.

Now at the top there's tabs called

Elements,Console,Sources,Network,Performance, memory etc..

Where those tabs are look for Application and click it. If you see at some point an arrow pointing to your right click that it should open a menu and application should be located there.

Once you find application and you clicked it.
Look at the left side of that developer window.
You should see segments called
Application, Storage, Cache, Background services, Frames.

Go to Storage and click Cookies and click it.
It should show under it hackfourms.net
It should be a single cookie. Click it.
Now on the right side you should see various
variable names with values.

Look for the name mybb_bgcolor. To the right of it
you should see a value #000 something like that.
click on it and change it #007  and play around with it.  You can try #0c212b  which is bluish.

Once you change it you're set to go. You will see the background changed to your liking.

If you gotten this far congrats.
You can google search hex color. It will give you a
color wheel with various colors copy the value
that shows it in #000 type of format.

After changing reload the page it should work.

For other web browers. You have to look for how to get into their developer tools.
Then you  need to find where you can get to storage sections. You should be able to change the value
and it will stay there as long the cookie doesn't get deleted or refreshed.  This is a temp solution.

Right now rushed thru this in 1 hour because don't have much time. Got job interviews tomorrow.
Decided to write this last minute to help anyone that wants to change the background to any color they want.
to customize it their way.

Hope this helps someone.
Sep 26, 2022 10:09 PM
wow this is trully amazing. Thanks for this.
Sep 17, 2022 12:56 PM
Also if you can't find in the cookie the variable name which is mybb_bgcolor you can get this fixed by selecting the grey background below on the far left of the 3 background color tabs.