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Hungary Eastern Europe Xenophobia

Hungary and Dealing with Fear of Outsiders

Posted Nov 18, 2023 10:58 AM

I spent three years living in Hungary and although for me, a white male, it was a great experience, I did over those years start to realize that Hungary has a Xenophobic mindset. Hungary is a country known for its rich history and beautiful culture, and has been dealing with a tough issue: fear of people from other places, known as xenophobia. This fear has caused a lot of talk and debate, especially regarding how Hungary deals with immigration, its own identity, and how it treats people from other countries.

History and Its Influence

Hungary's past has seen a lot of invasions and takeovers. These historical events have made Hungarians really protective of their culture and traditions. They've become a bit cautious about things that might change or influence their way of life.

Nationalism and Politics

In recent times, Hungary's leaders, especially Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his group, have become more focused on putting Hungary first. They've made rules that control who comes into the country, especially when it comes to migrants and refugees. Some people think these rules make foreigners look bad and are not fair.

People's Feelings and Challenges

In Hungary, some folks are worried that new people might change their way of life. They worry about things like different cultures and languages. Also, it's not easy for newcomers to fit in, find jobs, or feel like they belong in Hungary. This makes it hard for everyone to get along.

Solving the Problem

To deal with this fear of outsiders, Hungary needs to do a few things. People need to learn about different cultures and talk more with each other. Also, it's important to help newcomers feel welcome and part of the community. Balancing the need to protect their own way of life while also being open to different people is a big challenge.

In summary, Hungary's struggle with fear of outsiders comes from its history, politics, and how people feel. It's important to understand these things to make Hungary more welcoming to everyone while also keeping its unique culture. It's a tough job that needs everyone to be open-minded and kind to each other.