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[TuT] How to ban Instagram accounts - Repeatable & Profitable!

Posted 09-07-2022, 04:53 PM
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How to ban Instagram accounts
Learn how these "banning services" are functioning

[Image: U5NOoIy.jpg]

I.) Prelude
Hello there, within this tutorial I intend to explain a simple method by which people have been getting Instagram accounts banned. Have you ever wondered why these "banning services" are becoming popular all of a sudden? It's because there has been a loophole in Instagram's support procedure, that allows you to falsely flag accounts and ban them.

It's rather hard to recover accounts once banned and there I shall also lay down some tips to prevent Instagram bans via this method (most commonly used method) on your personal account if you feel that you'll be targeted by any bad actors.

II.) Requirements
  • Desktop or mobile with Internet connection
  • Instagram account with 5-10k+ followers (number of followers required is directly proportional to the followers of your target). If you lack the number of followers required, you can always purchase them for cheap from a SM panel such as InstaResellers.
  • Verified Instagram account (optional, can increase effectiveness of this method if you have access to one)

III.) Method
We shall be using the impersonation method here. We're ideally looking to impersonate the target, however appear more legitimate than the target while doing so.
  1. Find your target's Instagram username/handle.

  2. Always make sure that your followers is greater than your target's followers. In this example, you'll need well over 10k+ followers
    [Image: EyBrr9f.png]

  3. Head over to InstaDP.com, InstaDP.io or FullInstaDP.com and download a full-sized resolution copy of their display/profile picture

  4. Change your profile picture to this picture.

  5. Change your display name to their name, the username/handle can be something similar or remain the same as a unique handle.

  6. Edit your bio to make it professional & real. You don't necessarily have to have any information common to your target's bio.

  7. Now that we're complete with remodelling our dummy profile, go to your target's profile and report them for impersonation.

  8. Within 24-48 hours, your target should be banned. There has been quite a lot of high profile people who have fell victim to this, and with verified profiles (for verified profiles, make sure to NEVER change the username)
    [Image: XGL057I.png]

IV.) Conclusion
This method leverages the fact that Instagram follows a procedure in which they overlook the profile creation dates & history but only look at statistics such as followers, verification status and posts.

To safeguard yourself from falling victim to an impersonation ban, I have the following precautions laid down:
  1. Never use a profile picture of real person (even if it's you). These can always be copied. I'd also recommend to avoid movie characters, CGI characters or any form of depiction of humans.
  2. Avoid profile pictures that can be copyrighted (eg. brand logos, etc.)
  3. Leave a random URL on the profile bio page.
  4. For inactive accounts that have a risk of being claimed, include "Active #..#" within the bio. (eg. Active 2017-2022)

Now feel free to go ahead and try this out if you want. Better yet, you can offer your own "banning service" charging $10-30 per handle and make a decent profit out of this, just like how some sellers on the market are doing right now.
09-11-2022, 09:49 AM
This is a great HF blog post. Thanks for sharing it.