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How To Find The Best Keywords (CPA / SEO / Marketing)

Posted 07-04-2021, 07:04 AM
I work in the e-commerce field for a while now and I thought this would be a great share, free of costs and no AFB.
I made website's, videos and campaigns to create an online income for myself. A small part of all this will be explained in this thread, so feel free to read it. Check the images in the thread and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or feedback.

The tool I'm going to show you today is the keyword research tool; Market Samurai.
Click the link to get redirected to the official website and read here how to make an account for it.
Installation (Click to View)
It's pretty self-explanatory, just read the requirements and install automatically or manually.
To avoid receiving advertisements and other emails, you could use a temporary email like this one; Tempmail.com
Temp mail activation (Click to View)
As you can see, the fake name; "JohnDoe" and email (see image), worked flawlessly and we got ourself a 12-day trial.
Market Samurai Trial activated (Click to View)

After you installed and opened the program, it's time to start doing our research for a particular niche.
Project Settings (Click to View)
Keyword that I used to make this thread is; 'Cooking'. Meaning we'll look into the keyword for competition, domains, and other important information before you should pick any niche to work at. Time is money, so we want our time to be as valuable and productive as possible.
I don't think I have to elaborate these settings, as it is all self-explanatory. Even for those who are new to all this.
As example, I picked the niche; 'Cooking'. All countries and regions, English and excluded Adult Content as it is not what we're looking for right now.
After you filled in the required fields, you simply click at the button; 'Create'.

Keyword Research (Click to View)
This is a little bit more advanced. You start by choosing the minimum amount of words (1) and the maximum amount of words (10) which I kept at default. It isn't as important for this thread as it is for your own research.
Sometimes, it can be a huge difference in revenue when picking; "Cooking tips" compared to "tips for being a better cook".
You must add Keywords in order to begin, which I used the following Keywords for; Cooking  ebooks, Cooking products, Cooking tips, Cooking tools and Cooking videos. You can also add "Negative Keywords" such as "scam" or anything you do not want to include to be found or used. This isn't as important, but it can be useful when fine-tuning your research.
After you chose your Keywords, you continue by clicking at the button; 'Keyword Analysis'.

Keyword Analysis (Click to View)
Okay. This may all seem confusing to you, so I'll explain a little to help you understand the very basics.
As shown in the image, you notice that there is a huge difference in; SEOT, TAComp and SEOV.
The filters are not important for now, as they can be used variously while testing your Keyword Research.
For now, I kept them at default. Let's continue! So, what do the 3 words mean?
SEOT; SEO Traffic. The maximum potential monthly clicks that a #1 ranked site for this keyword term could potentially achieve.
TAComp; Majestic Title & Anchor Comp. The number of pages in Majestic's Index that contain the keyword term in both the page title and in the anchor text of an external, inbound link.
SEOV; SEO Value. The total monthly value of traffic that a website ranked #1 for a keyword could potentially achieve (SEOV = SEOT * CPC).
Now that you understand the abbreviations, let's take a look at the image.
What is more 'important', depends on what you value the most. The traffic is important, as that is basically what brings you the traffic. But, if you have a higher competition:click ratio compared to your other niche that might have less traffic, you should go for less traffic which is easier for you to rank your website at. And less expensive when creating Google Ads.
This is done, which means you have a few choices. You can either "key" a Keyword which means you are analysing that Keyword itself or you click at one of the icons on the side-menu. For now, we'll go for the "SEO COMPETITION" right below the "KEYWORD RESEARCH" icon in the left side-menu.

SEO Competition (Click to View)
This image might be overwhelming when peeking at first, but it is pretty easy to learn. All you have to do is look at the checkboxes in the header above (image) and you'll see what everything is about. If you are unfamiliar with something like; "Trust Flow" you simply use Google and you will know.
Back to business. The 'red' marked fields are rated with a lower score meaning 'bad'. Yellow is 'okay' and green is 'great'.
Now, here it is where it becomes important.
Look at the URL's and you instantly see that there are several domains, from; "cookingchanneltv.com" all the way up to "YouTube" videos. This means that Cookingchanneltv is ranked higher (#2) than the YouTube videos, but when you pay attention to the details, you can tell that RDD's and BLD's than the Cookingchanneltv.
As some people prefer to watch 'Cooking tips' on YouTube, I do recommend to use your niche at a domain page (landing page) as well as YouTube. For better rankings of course, but also for those who'd like to read tips offline or with low-data or no WiFi.
Remember, it isn't what you like to read, it is about reaching out to your potential clients, customers, subscribers and more!
Other domains that are ranked well is "NY Times" a well known corporation, and some 'smaller' ones like "allrecipes.com"
Check each and one domain, as "Robbreport.com" writes about "Cooking tips" too, but isn't a "Cooking" site.
Just like a car dealer can talk about cars, but also about driving lessons. While you want to learn how to drive, from a driving instruction (professional). Keep this in mind when doing your research.
For this thread, I went for "Cooking Classy" as example, which I preferred to chose as it's more related to our example-niche.
Cooking Classy (Click to View)
You see instantaneously that it is related to cooking, by their menu-bar (recipes, videos, subscribe.) All three are great for SEO and organic traffic, so pay attention to the well ranked websites you find. Time to move on for now!

Domains (Click to View)
This is pretty simple. I selected a few domains which I personally would buy, if I had a business related to Cooking (tips).
The domains I'd chose are; Cookingcity.org (.org = organisation, sounds good), Ecookingshop.com (ecooking and shop are related to commercial purposes, which 'hint' the customer or prepare them to expect a store or sales), and Cookingworld.org (world = whole, united, all together) it's psychologically a good word to use when organising people to your company.
Density means how many times the keywords are used or how well the keyword is used in the domain itself.

Find Content (Click to View)
Also, very self-explanatory. You can find articles here and check them for things like; PC, IC, BL, CF, TF and Age.
I'll list here below shortly what each thing mean, but it's best to create content by yourself and not to copy-paste anything.
PC; The number of times the keyword appears in the body of the article.
IC; The number of times the article has been republished online.
BL; The number of backlinks to the article on the page it was originally published to.
CF; Measure of a webpage's importance (similar to Google's PageRank; scale 0 - 100), also known as 'Citation Flow'.
TF; Measure of a webpage's authority / trustworthiness (similar to Yahoo's TrustRank; scale 0 - 100).
Age; Well.. The age of course, of the article according to the first-published date.

That's a small part, but basically how I decide to which niche I am going for when creating a Shopify Store, YouTube channel, website (e-commerce) or anything really that got a potential stream of side-income.
There is a lot more to be discussed, but I'll link to some tutorials, articles and support videos/pages of Market Samurai official's website.

Market Samurai Official Links;
Click here to visit the Support page.
The following categories are included with each having their own sub-links.
  • Market Samurai
  • Market Samurai Training Videos
  • Keyword Research
  • Tips & Tricks
  • SEO Competition
  • Installing, Updating and Registering
  • Monetization/Publish Content

Earnings of the niches I picked with Market Samurai (CPA monetised);
[Image: wHzaPq6.png]
[Image: 0D7YJLr.png]
[Image: Y9WZv3x.png]

Thank you all for reading and I hope this will be useful for you all!
10-31-2021, 11:53 AM
Do you have any alternatives to market samurai? Seems it's discontinued.
07-24-2021, 05:57 AM
Maybe explain something more about the different kind of businesses. Whether or not to use adsense, how to create locker content. Was a nice read overall.