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Krohh's Movie Reviews - Issue 1

Posted 08-31-2019, 12:15 PM
[Image: BWh9O6u.png]

The basic premise behind this blog, is to choose 5 movies recommended by you (the reader) and review the movies how I see them. Obviously my opinion is going to be slightly biased when it comes to some movies (as you will see later in this blog) however that isn't necessarily a bad thing! I will be giving my viewpoint, my likes and dislikes and most importantly my rating and recommendation.

Currently nobody has actually recommended anything and this is a brief introduction to what I hope becomes a long lasting venture. So I've hand selected 5 movies that I believe are fresh enough in my memory to write an accurate review of!

[Image: bkMRmVj.png]

[Image: 0daz8aE.png]

This is where my bias comes in specifically, because the 1994 adaptation of James O'Barr's comic book of the same name just happens to be my all time favourite movie! Its filled with over the top action but it differs from other comic book adaptations in that this one is extremely violent compared to the rest, and in general just has a grittier overtone to it.

You may be familiar with this movie on the premise that it was Brandon Lee's breakthrough movie and also his last! He plays a character called Eric Draven a rock musician who in the opening scenes of the movie, watches his fiancé get raped and beat to death before he consequently gets Stabbed, Shot and Thrown out a window in that order... all of which happens the day before his wedding!
On the anniversary (I believe) of his death, he comes back to life and is guided by a Crow on a mission to avenge his own murder!

With only 8 days left of production, Brandon Lee was fatally wounded by a defective blank and passed away in the hospital during surgery. As morbid as it may sound, getting shot and killed on a movie set where you are playing a rock musician who comes back to life to avenge his own death after being brutally murdered is a pretty ROCKSTAR way to go!

Without spoiling too much, the story's conclusion is bittersweet, which is to be expected from a comic focused on dealing with bereavement. The way each antagonist is disposed of is fitting to the story and the actors in this movie all portray their roles in a believable and captivating way. When you've got people like David Patrick Kelly ("Warriors, come out to plaaaaayyy!") amongst the cast of antagonists, you know you are in for a treat.

Would 100% recommend this movie to anyone!

[Image: HGQUiN9.png]

[Image: bkMRmVj.png]

[Image: ZmxEqhL.png]

As a longtime F&F fan I went into the cinema with a neutral mindset on this one. As a spinoff I didn't expect it to deliver much in terms of story content... And it didn't I was right, this is the first time I've gone into a cinema and enjoyed a movie just for its action content alone. Obviously as a Fast and Furious fan this was not at all what I expected, think more half assed buddy comedy with loads of action filler and star power because thats essentially all it is.

The cinematography was too clean for my liking and too clean for normal F&F standards, but it suited the tone of the movie. And yes, they did give absolutely everything away in the trailer, nothing is left to speculate and there are no twists (as we've seen previously in the franchise) the storyline is just point A to point B!

With Idris Elba at the helm though, I'd say he was an excellent antagonist, however, that being said I think they could have utilized his star power better in the main series and actually gave him a skillset along with it that isn't "Black Superman". The ending fight sequence in this movie is exactly that, an ending fight sequence, the only thing that stood out from other movies I've seen is the terminator-esque POV shots with tech renders over the top as 'Brixton' (Elba) was on the receiving end of the fizz from a freshly opened can of whoop ass in a weakness exploiting beatdown that let you know the end was near.

It was a good standalone movie, but it wasn't Fast and Furious, thats why it's a spinoff. If you have low expectations and just follow the Franchise because you're invested in the characters then I'd recommend watching this just so you don't break sequence, however if you're not a fan, don't bother!

[Image: cIF4POT.png]

[Image: bkMRmVj.png]

[Image: WoUHuAt.png]

As a Tarantino fan, I was disappointed by this movie. And not because its a bad movie by any means, because its not. But because I didn't do any research, didn't watch any trailers and went in blind not knowing what it was about. It's been coined as Tarantino's love letter to 60s Hollywood and I can see why.

The movie focuses on a struggling actor and his stuntman, and their journey through hard times. The Charles Manson aspect (which I vagely understood) was almost a sideline with Manson appearing once in the entire movie. It's almost a pop culture throwback with an alternate ending (similar to how Inglorious Bastards worked) that can be seen as cinematic greatness if you know your 60s pop culture. (which I don't.)

I don't want to spoil anything, but the closing sequence is fu**ing savage, and to brush on this without spoiling anything, somebody gets their head stomped into chunks on the bottom half of a doorframe. Expect your usual Tarantino violence but in lower quantities, with the remainder being amped up to almost comical excess.

If you are a Tarantino fan, or a 1960s Pop Culture enthusiast then I'd recommend this movie. If you know nothing about Charles Manson, then read up before you give it a watch! To quote my friend who came to the cinema with me "What the fu** was the point of Margot Robbie's character? She literally did nothing all through the entire film."

[Image: TJzCZFz.png]

[Image: bkMRmVj.png]

[Image: ye5uTY5.png]

Yes this movie is a Rom-Com, Yes I like it a lot, and Yes it is a good movie and I shall tell you for why. This is a step away from Steve Carell's usual brand of tryhard comedy. With the comedic aspects coming as more believable and in tune with reality than his usual gimmicky nonsense.

He plays a man who's just split up with his wife, and gets almost adopted by a pickup artist (Ryan Gosling) who attempts to turn him into the best womanizer he can be. There is a shock twist about 2 thirds of the way into the movie which leads to an almost storyline breaking over the top sequence but still maintains its aspect of realism. Without spoiling anything there is a physical fight which takes a pathetic tone and springs it on you when you least expect it, and doesn't even hint at it being a storyline possibility from the start like most twists do. This specific scene is a laughter fest, and I would happily watch this movie on repeat for the twist alone.

The movie isn't without its flaws however, but what can you expect from a Rom Com? It also has Emma Stone playing a key character and if that isn't a deciding factor on you giving this movie a try then hopefully my rating will be.

I'd highly recommend this to romance fans, comedy fans and people looking for something new, as it touches base with a few genre's and solidifies itself as comedy gold in the process.

[Image: HGQUiN9.png]

[Image: bkMRmVj.png]

[Image: Tniql1G.png]

If you bought Cocaine in the 70s and 80s it came from 1 man, Pablo Escobar, and this is a movie based on the true story of George Jung, the lead Distributor for Escobar himself. If cocaine entered the US then it came in with him! Johnny Depp plays his part extremely well in this movie about Boston George, and because I grew up on movies like Scarface, Goodfellas etc. It comes natural to me to like this movie. And I like it a lot.

If any movie soundtrack can get me hard on command its this one, I mean... the first song is The Rolling Stones' "Can't You Hear Me Knocking", and features songs like Black Betty by Ram Jam and That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd... Tunes that you just want to put your foot down and drive to.

The movie itself gets boring after you watch it through twice, making the third viewing monotonous, thats the reason for my (below) star rating. However for a first time viewer its a thrill. There's sex, drugs and rock and roll, what more do you want? There's a reason I put this one last on the list, because I don't have to say much aside from WATCH IT! I'm not spoiling a thing for you aside from the premise so why not right?

[Image: lGl3g8T.png]

[Image: bkMRmVj.png]

If you have suggestions for the next issue, feel free to leave them below no matter how obscure. I can't promise I'll get round to you all, but the more feedback on this the better. Until next time ladies and gentlemen!
09-01-2019, 05:44 AM
I certainly agree on the Hobbs and Shaw ratings. I'm not actually a fan of F&F so I went in with low expectations and, unsurprisingly, the film didn't wow me. I felt like it started off at a 6 or 7 out of 10 but it started to go down as it went on. When it was getting towards the end and we were having this reliance on loud, noisy gas-guzzlers, I was reaching the point of falling asleep. Most F&F fans will crucify me for saying this, but they should use discrete electric cars like Tesla. They can be very fast and they also won't be heard coming, perfect for spies. lol.