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Landing My Dream Job!

Posted 08-27-2019, 09:07 AM
In theory a "Dream Job" is something that's completely unachievable right? As the name would suggest its something you could only ever dream of, something that is far beyond your grasp. I mean, you can build a rocket but it doesn't mean you will reach the moon.

But what if I told you, you will never be competent enough to reach your goals. You'd be pretty annoyed right?

Well... I was in that exact position and I'm about to tell you all how I overcome all the hurdles into employment.

Lets start from where it all went wrong for me...

Throughout School I was constantly singled out by teachers, these specific teachers had all taught my father when he was younger, and he was an absolute hassle to say the least. These teachers would never assist me when I needed help, they would shout at me for things that they would allow every other student to get away with and it felt as thought I was being bullied by teachers. It got bad to the point where they would completely fabricate scenarios and even pin other peoples actions on me just so they would have an excuse to kick me out of the room.

I was in Year 9 (8th Grade for all you Americans reading this) and I was predicted straight A*s across the board. These predictions and high expectations combined with my work ethic at the time planted a seed of doubt in my mind. I thought I'd never achieve these qualifications. Never in a million years was I going to do what I've been told I can do, and why? Due to my own laziness and constant procrastination. That and the fact that I was under an extreme amount of pressure from my family to achieve something that none of them had yet to achieve, a solid set of GCSE's.

Upon realization that I would never gain any notable qualifications I just gave up, and it was at this exact moment I decided to pull a complete 180. Up until this point I was a quiet, humble and generous individual who worked hard in school. But I developed into a narcissistic, arrogant, loud, agressive individual with absolutely no regard for any kind of authority. My mindset was, if the teachers were going to single me out, I was going to at least give them a reason to. I didn't become a class clown, I became an antagonistic miscreant intent on upsetting everyone I ever came into contact with. I made enemies of almost every pupil in my school (bar a select handful of Day 1's) and if a teacher ever made a mistake, I wouldn't point it out and leave it at that. I'd point out the mistake and made sure the teacher felt like a fool.

This behaviour went on for a year and a half solid, on an almost daily basis. At one point I was in isolation for 6 months straight, and in those 6 months I refused to put a pen to paper, and refused to do any work. Only the teachers that I liked had good things to say about me, and even found it difficult to understand why certain teachers had a negative opinion on me.

I was midway through Year 10 (9th Grade) and I was called to the Headmaster's office. (Thats a Principal for all you 'mericans) And in there was the Headmaster, Deputy Head, My Head of Year and My Reg Tutor. (All teachers that I behaved for) They all started some weird intervention speech where they told me my behaviour couldn't continue, and that they had received reports from various other teachers about my behaviour. It was at this point I flipped, gave my story from Day 1, explained how I had been singled out and even gave the exact reason why I started misbehaving in school. It took all day sat in the office to get the conclusion I was looking for, I was even put on suicide watch for the day with absolutely no reason for them to do so.

The conclusion was, I was placed in an alternative education unit, full of misfits and people who just couldn't handle school in general. In my 2 years in this program I studied somewhat hard to achieve the grades I was predicted, and started turning the tables a bit. My hope started coming back, and then I sat my GCSE's at a venue specifically designed for alternative education units to be sent to, and didn't expect what was to follow.

All of my GCSE's were administrated through the exact school I left, and all of them were flagged for plagiarism. I had to attend a series of interviews at the school I left, with teachers I fu**ing hated with a passion, for them to determined wether or not I had actually cheated at my exams.

I never cheated at my exams, I never copied any source material, I never had any outside help. I actually made a conscious attempt to try and pass with a decent grade. And you probably guessed by now but all of the teachers concluded that I was cheating, and all my exams were dismissed and I left school without a qualification.

My Great Grandmother, who I live with, said "You will never get a place in college, you are going to be signed on the dole (welfare) all your life. You're an absolute disgrace to the family." or something along those lines, which I found funny because literally all my family are unemployed scum claiming benefits.

This is where I encountered my first real hurdle, I wanted to be an architect, I really did. I was starting to think that maybe this would never be possible now. Until, I saw an ad for my local college online, checked the courses on offer and found an art course that I wanted to apply for.

I went to the interview to secure my place on my own, I brought no examples of previous art work, had no qualifications. Luckily the person conducting the interview was willing to take a chance on me, and put me through to enrollment. They even assured me that I could go on to University and take an architecture course following the completion of my 1 year course at the college.

First day at college I saw some familiar faces, friends I hadn't spoke to since leaving school, and all self-doubt started to fade away.
We had various tutors, but our main one, the one running the course. Its safe to say that she wasn't qualified (or maybe she was and she just came across that way), she'd turn up an hour late to every lesson. Disappear mid lesson to go to the gym or do her shopping, and never cared about any of her students. She even went as far as to say we were the worst class she has ever had.

At the end of my first year, I was told that I was lied to, and I'd have to complete an additional 2 Year course in order to go on to the architecture course. I thought about it, weighed up my options, thought about wether or not architecture was right for me... In the end I just said "Why not, I've come this far".

Long story short, I had another year of lessons from a half-arsed tutor before they pulled me aside again to tell me that ONCE AGAIN they had lied to me, and that I couldn't go on to do architecture. They tried to spur me on to finish the 2nd year of the course and tried to show me all the other options I had after finishing. I QUIT ON THE SPOT!

This was a moment of clarity for me. I finally felt free to explore whatever I wanted to... I decided to rule out architecture because it was a blatantly unachievable goal at this point, and I'd lost passion for the subject anyways which is sort of a plus.
I called my Great Grandmother to tell her that I'd dropped out, little did I know all my shit would be packed for me when I got home and I'd be kicked out with what she believed was "Nowhere to go".

I hadn't spoke to my mother for a while at this point, I just showed up to her house and she welcomed me back with open arms. I had a place to stay, and my focus was now entirely on job search.

Procrastination kicked in, and over the course of a year I developed bad anxiety to the point where I never left the house... at all!

I spent a full year smoking weed before I decided to actually fu**ing do something with my sad life. I called my Great Grandmother and told her that I wanted to find work in a call centre. She responded by saying "You may aswell start looking for factory work, you will never amount to anything" before slamming the phone down. MY GOAL FROM THIS POINT ONWARDS WAS TO PROVE HER WRONG!

Months of rare yet unsuccessful interviews later and I decided to look at my CV (resume for all you americans), I noticed immediately why I wasn't getting any job offers. I had no experience. From this point on I decided that I would do whatever it takes to accomplish my goals, and get the experience I needed.

My first job was a volunteer admin role at the local JobCentre. I spent 6 weeks helping unemployed computer illiterate people to setup emails, I also helped them with their job search, and I did a variety of standard admin duties on top. The volunteership was supposed to last for 8 weeks, but they told me volunteering at the local Citizen's Advice Bureau would be more beneficial for me as they are one of the few branches in the UK that give their volunteers call centre training. They were even nice enough to get me an interview.

I passed the interview with flying colours. Passed the core training in 3 days flat and was on the phones independantly taking calls, completely unsupervised by the end of my first week. My supervisor said that my rate of progression was phenomenal and that core training takes some volunteers over 6 months to complete. 5 weeks into volunteering a temporary vacancy showed up at their dedicated call centre. (a few miles away) I applied, I got the job without a further interview and started the job without further training. I just showed up, introduced myself to my new Manager, he got me setup on the system and I started taking calls immediately.

My goal was to get call centre work. At the time, that was my dream job. It was a dream because everybody I knew believed it to be unachievable. I immediately became the highest paid person in my family, at the age of 19, funny enough I started 3 days before my 20th birthday!

The vacancy was only for 3 months, there was no further vacancy for me in the end. I'd already proved everyone wrong, and acheived what I was told I would never achieve, everyone who doubted me and my Great Grandmother specifically apologized. And said that they shouldn't have doubted me, and that I've proved that I can do more than they thought.

Through volunteer work I gathered experience to get the job I wanted, and after all that had passed and when my contract ended, my dream was fulfilled and I was left thinking to myself... What next?

I've since held a graphic design job which I quit to pursue something else. I then held various jobs in the UK Adult Entertainment industry (I did an AMA thread here a few months back which got deleted because unbeknown to me it must have broke a rule) and continued to hold said roles up until roughly 2.5 months ago when I left the industry altogether... I am currently economically inactive (unemployed) and I'm taking a break whilst I try to figure out what I want to do next...

Moral of this story is, never quit on your dreams. Carve your own path in life, manifest your own destiny, and if you fall off the ladder, get up, dust yourself off and start climbing again, because believe me... in time... you will get to the top! Right where you want to be!