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An interesting LSD experience

Posted 10-04-2022, 05:41 PM
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LSD - An interesting experience

Trip Report
brought to you by The Coven

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Hello HF!
For my first post under The Coven I will be sharing an interesting LSD experience I've had a few years ago. I was choosing between posting my first acid experience and this one, however, the first one was a long time ago and I didn't write a report about it on Reddit, so I don't remember a lot of details but I will for sure be sharing it with you in the future.

Most of this info is from the Reddit post I've made a few days after the actual trip, so it is as accurate as possible, however I've re-worded the report.
Hope you enjoy!

[Image: CyiblXw.gif]

So this was my fifth time tripping. My dosage was 180 micrograms (my last doses were very similar to this one). The last time I've tripped was about 3 weeks ago.

The tabs were 120ug each so I took a tab and a half. I dropped them around 4:30PM, then I had an energy drink because I find the acid to kick in faster when I have some caffeine, and I've smoked a little weed, sativa-dominant strain.

I was with my ex girlfriend at my place. We're still very good friends and sometimes FWB. Anyways, she has my full trust as she's been with me through my darkest times and is still being there for me, despite the fact that we're not in a relationship anymore. I know she wants to get back with me, but I don't feel like it at the moment. I've decided to give it some time before I re-consider my decision.

Anyways, I have this poster on my wall, a quote from an Eminem song, like a vinyl poster, and it really helps me to see if the effects have kicked in yet. Whenever the letters would 'breathe', 'zoom in and out', 'float', (typical LSD visuals), I know it had kicked in. So the effects started 45 minutes after ingestion, as per usual. Nothing too crazy, common effects such as walls are slightly breathing, letters on my phone/PC waving, sharpened vision, increased colors etc. In short, I felt happy.

After an hour and a half later, I started seeing some visuals on my bedsheet, the closest I can describe it as as a stars just kept forming on the bed. I've never had visuals like that and it seriously caught me by surprise, considering I was just chilling a few minutes ago. I just went along with it. Time was a little distorted at this time, but I remember all of the events. My ex and I started making out on the bed (she was sober and just chilling and trip sitting me). It felt a little weird but also satisfying and peaceful at the same time. I couldn't hear much, I was just at peace and I kept having these closed eye visuals, like 2 soulmates holding each other. It was such a good experience. After cuddling for what felt like a decade (only 10 minutes have passed), she decided to put on some music on the PC. Meanwhile I was melting on my bed, being overwhelmed from the effects, just keeping it together. It was very hard to concentrate as my mind was pretty much racing. I've seen visuals that I've never seen before. This honestly surprised me as I've had this dosage before and it wasn't nearly as intense as it was this time. Still I was going with the flow. I try to talk to my ex but I just couldn't form longer sentences. She looked very alien-like, her eyes and ears were huge and it was funny and I kept giggling in the middle of her talking lol. We hugged it out and she was giving me a head massage. I closed my eyes and it felt really good, and I had very clear closed eye visuals, like sensory hallucinations. I kept seeing traces in the direction of her fingers massaging my head. Another 10 minutes pass by, she's changing the songs and I'm just sitting there wondering wtf was going on. I had auditory hallucinations and I could barely recognize her talk. All I could hear was the distorted music and my, at the moment, very loud fan. Everywhere I looked - VISUALS! I even saw some symbols that I could have sworn are involved in some ancient religions. Whenever I sat on my bed it felt like I was drowning in it.

I asked her to take me and my dog for a walk (sounds funny I know lol), which she did. Oh God. WTF was that. We went to the park which was near my house and it was the most intense feeling I've ever had. The sky was totally different, the grass kept changing colors from super bright to dark. Everything left tracers, especially the birds in the air. My hearing was seriously messed up. It felt like I was underwater and I kept hearing voices of the kids in the park just keep repeating in my mind. I just kept walking in circles nervously and my ex didn't know what to do at this point. I've had enough and we got home and back into my room again. I was STILL peaking. The floors made hexagonal patterns and the objects were morphing and the walls were heavily breathing. Visuals were still everywhere I've looked.

My ex had to go home. This was around 8:30 PM. I ate some food and soon enough I calmed down and I could somehow chat normally with friends. I've also smoked a little more weed. I went to play my favorite game while tripping, Rocket League, together with a friend of mine. It was really fun and I could play normally. My mind was still racing but the scenery from the game was so beautiful. I've stopped at 11PM and then for 2 hours straight I just sat in my bed observing things around me, thinking deeply about life and about the events that happened today. I soon realized my ex left me about 20 notes on my table. All of them were just good vibe quotes and some love notes as well. It was really cute and wholesome!

Anyways, on all of my previous trips, I've had a benzo that I would take when I want to go to sleep. But unfortunately this time I forgot about it and I didn't have any benzo or sleeping pills with me. At the moment I started completely freaking out because I was completely exhausted but my mind still kept racing and there was no way I could fall asleep in a state like this. Time flies, its 4AM, still the same. I've tried to fall asleep a couple of times but there was no way. I was still in the headspace and was seeing some subtle visuals. I decided to take a few shots of liquor thinking it would help me calm down, but it did nothing. I watch 2 episodes of a show I liked back then, 6AM, still no sleep. Every light source in my room was irritating me and I had to cover it up. I started listening to music and I could not stick to the same genre, I didn't like anything and it just sounded weird. I was sleeping in 15 minute intervals from 7AM to 11AM. Total 1 hour of sleep that night.

I was absolutely terrified the day after as I felt like I was still tripping. No visuals but I was still in the headspace and my mind was racing and I could sometimes hear my thoughts. I had no appetite. I went to the beach trying to chill out but it didn't really help. The day was filled with anxiety and paranoia. Long story short, I was able to eat later in the day, my ex visited me and that calmed me down a little. I really tried calming myself down before going to bed and eventually I fell asleep. I woke up the day later, sleeping a total of 10 hours. The first 15 minutes I felt exactly the same as yesterday, which freaked me out, but after that everything came back to normal.

[Image: CyiblXw.gif]

That is the end of my report.

Perhaps this report makes you think, how is still enjoyable? Well, as I mentioned in my post, this was the only intense acid trip I've had. And it wasn't even a bad one, only the day after as hell, due to the lack of sleep. One thing you should know about LSD, the effects will NOT fully diminish until you get a proper nights rest.

So you might ask, why was this trip so intense, considering I was already experienced with this dosage in the past. The answer is simple: weed. If you are new to psychedelics, DO NOT mix weed with psychs. It intensifies the trip so much that even the psychonaut veterans can have a bad one. If you're gonna smoke weed, do it when you're already coming down, not before or during the peak.

I'll be writing more trip reports in the future, and you have any questions about this topic, feel free to ask (:

[Image: CyiblXw.gif]