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LSD Trip Report - Reunited Again - The Coven

Posted 02-20-2023, 08:50 PM
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LSD - Reunited Again

Trip Report
brought to you by The Coven

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Hello HF!
Time for another trip report!
I've always considered LSD to be my favorite drug. It's the first substance I've tried (excluding weed) and it's been sitting on the top of my DOC list for a variety of reasons. The first time I've tried LSD it has blown and opened my mind to a completely different reality and perspective. I was left with a positive mindset and the afterglow has lasted for months.
I've been tripping on and off for about 10-15 times throughout the years, however, I haven't had the opportunity to have a full proper trip in over 2.5 years. The time has finally come, and I was
reunited with LSD.

[Image: CyiblXw.gif]

The tabs were advertised as 240 micrograms, however I knew this was false advertising and that they are most likely underdosed, so I've decided to take 1 1/2 tab. If they were really 240ug, it would mean that I have ingested 360ug total, however, the entire trip felt it was around 220-250ug.
A little background info as to why I could not trip the last few years. I was living with my family, and despite having my own room, I did not feel comfortable tripping unless I had the entire house to myself for a full day or two. I've had some opportunities where I had the house to myself, but I wanted to be patient and wait for a right chance so I can maximize the acid potential.
I've approached this trip with a clear intention and to find some answers. I've been dealing with a lot of hardships in life lately and I've lost touch with myself. I was becoming this easily pissed off, unmotivated and negative individual. I've wanted to use this trip to face myself, look at my life through a different perspective and come out of it more grateful for the things that I already have and of course with a positive mindset. Let's get to it!

I took the tabs at 6PM, kept them on my tongue for about 15 minutes before swallowing them. The day before I have cleaned the entire house so I could have a comfortable trip. I didn't plan any activities for this trip, I just wanted to go with the flow. I put on some pretty lights in my room, grabbed clean clothes and went to shower. I put on some music and showered for about 15 minutes before getting out, dressing myself and then laying on my bed. I wasn't tripping yet but I knew I was coming up due to the uncomfortable body load you get when you take psychedelics. I grabbed a notebook and paper so I can write down any epiphanies or lessons I receive from Lucy. I put on some music and just waited for the effects to start. Another 15 minutes pass, no visuals yet, the body load is just getting more and more uncomfortable. I walk around the house a little bit and stretch before laying back on the bed. I start thinking about my family and friends and I get the urge to write down
accept eachother's flaws. I start doodling and drawing random stuff on a different page of the notepad. I hear a song that I had recently discovered and it sounded amazing, by the time it was done I wanted to play it again but decided not to do it, and I get another urge to write down cherish every moment. It was a very nice realization, it was like the acid was telling me that there is no rewinding certain situations, thus you should enjoy every moment as if it was your last, you never know what can happen and you never know what do you have until it's gone.

Around 90 minutes pass by and I think my vision has changed. I need to go to the bathroom and as I sit on the toilet, I look at the floor and walls. I was in a full blown trip right now! God, I missed these visuals so much. I think I was in there for a solid 20 minutes just staring at the floor as it was making some trippy patterns. I was constantly giggling and just kept repeating to myself as to how much I have missed this feeling. The body load was still there, however I could ignore it since I was enjoying my trip so much. I get to the living room and my cat comes up to me. Holy fuck, what a feeling that was. I press my forehead against hers while I was stroking her and listening to her purr. I definitely felt like I was exchanging energies with the cat. My head felt like it was being stroked with electricity. I was having some closed eye visuals, it's hard to describe them, but the best I can do is say that I saw energy in colors I have never seen before just entering my mind. It was definitely the closest I have ever felt to my cat (and I'm a dog person!). After 5 minutes (it felt like an eternity) I go back to my room to give attention to my dog. I get another urge to write down
always trust the vibrations. Time passes by, I just vibe in my room, looking around at things, enjoying the trip, stretching and drawing random stuff. I also write down be in tune with yourself.

I decide that I want to watch something on TV, so I go into my living room, turn on YouTube and watched some clips from my favorite Netflix show. It's crazy how everything was so different! Everything in there looked like a painting, objects were melting and morphing and the characters looked so different. A 2 minute clip felt like a 20 minute clip. Slowly I lose interest in this and ask myself why am I watching the same stuff I watch when sober. I went into this trip for therapeutic effects primarily, so I should go and seek that. I go back to my room, put on some meditation music and try to meditate. It was impossible to clear my head, as hard as I tried to think of nothing, I couldn't. Thousands of thoughts were in my head. It wasn't bad or uncomfortable, but I was pretty bummed I couldn't meditate at the time. This was around 3 hours into the trip. I was peaking and yet I found myself wondering what should I do. I start regretting that I have not planned out or at least compiled a list of things I could do while tripping, such as prepared a movie. I tried to do yoga to clear my mind and maybe succeed at meditating, but that did not work as well. I decide I want to watch a movie but I have cancelled my Netflix subscription. I turn on my PC in hopes of finding a movie to watch but it was impossible to focus at this point as I was tripping balls so I just give up on watching a movie. I put on my favorite music but I have yet to find satisfaction in that. I've listened to this music for years and I felt like I needed something new to continue enjoying my trip.

I was getting more and more frustrated with myself before I decided to take the one big music recommendation everyone suggests to listen to while on acid.
Pink Floyd. As soon as the first song starts the trip instantly changes and becomes 10x better. I kept asking myself why have I never took on the suggestion and listened to Pink Floyd while tripping before. Probably because it wasn't my genre of music but this was the PERFECT trip music. It felt like I was just starting to peak once again. I was filled with good vibes and just laid down with a huge smile on my face. I was enjoying myself while I was looking around my room and feeling proud of myself for how well I cleaned my apartment and how I turned the bedroom into a trip cave. I have a few RGB laser projectors and some led strips. It felt like I was on a spaceship, the colors were incredibly vibrant and beautiful. The walls were heavily breathing. I point my room fan at me and the wind hitting my face was so soothing. I still could not get over how perfect this music was tripping. If you've ever done psychedelics, you know nothing comes close to feeling the pure euphoria from them, not even an MDMA high.

Time passes by, I'm vibing to the music and just thinking about life and my recent hardships. A specific song comes on that wasn't from Pink Floyd but it was the same genre. I didn't notice it wasn't Pink Floyd until minutes later. As I'm thinking about life, all of the sudden -
I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING. Those 10 seconds were the most euphoric in my life. I suddenly understood everything, how I got to the point where I'm at in life now, why all the hardships that have been happening to me NEEDED to happen. During those seconds I have completely let go of feeling mad at life for treating me so badly recently because I KNEW I needed to go through those moments in order to grow. I jump up from my bed completely overwhelmed with this new discovery and sense of well-being. I felt the feeling fade away and started to forget what I had just discovered, so I took out my phone and screenshotted the song that was playing on my PC. It was Hotel California (2013 Remaster) by Eagles.

My plan was to listen to this song again in the next few days when I'm completely sober so I could be reminded about the feeling, so I can grab that feeling once again and use it to better myself as a person and to head in the right direction. After 10 minutes of just walking in circles around my room feeling incredibly happy with what just happened, I lay down again and cuddle with my dog while the music continues to massage my ears. I forgot to grab YT Premium before the trip, and a gambling/casino ad comes on. I remember how I have had problems with gambling the past 6 months. The ad was utterly disgusting and all I could do was cringe on how hard they are trying to lure people in the gambling trap. I get a little frustrated, but as the ad ends I just burst out laughing and get the urge to write down don't get mad, laugh it off. I remember all those times I let some small insignificant event ruin my whole day. I remember all the times I would be in traffic and get frustrated when someone is driving very slow. I realize how I was frustrated for stupid reasons everyday and that I simply need to change this if I want to function properly.

Hours pass by, it's now almost 2AM, I'm coming down from the trip. Visuals were still there and of course I was still in the headspace. I'm feeling sleepy but I knew I couldn't fall asleep until the acid has fully worn off, so I decide to turn down the music and watch some old cartoons that I've watched in my childhood. I go under a blanket and watch some Tom&Jerry on my phone, just smiling and reminiscing on the good old days. After watching several episodes I realize that I've forgotten to take out my dog for a walk, so I get dressed and take him out. I live next to the beach, so I let him do his thing and run around while I was staring at the sea thinking about my next moves. I kept telling myself that no matter what happens, even if I lose everything, all that's important is that I'm healthy and I have myself. No matter what, I always have to pick myself back up and continue moving. Never to give up. The acid was wearing off and I felt a little empty inside, however I know this happens a lot with LSD and that I'd feel normal (or even better) after I've slept it off or in a few days at the latest. I go home and lay in bed, I look at my notes and drawings, giggle a little bit before getting another realization of what I must do in order to grow.
BOOKS. I honestly haven't read a single book in over a decade. The weekend before while I was on a roadtrip/rave with my friends, we visited a book store and they bought a few of them, while I was just browsing the psychology/spiritual section of books and a lot of them caught my eye. I made the decision to start reading books and implement them in my nighttime routine before going to bed. I decide to exhaust myself a little more so I could sleep later on and start reading a book, LSD - My Problem Child by Albert Hoffman. I read the first 30 pages or so before I had to buy the full book so I could continue, but I was feeling completely tired so I decide to go to sleep. It was really difficult to fall asleep and I haven't slept properly that night, maybe 1-2 hours total.

[Image: CyiblXw.gif]

That is the end of my report.

The day after I was still in the headspace due to not sleeping properly, but I've felt a sense of inner calmness the entire day. I spent the day just chilling and reading about psychedelics. The day after that, I was feeling pretty shitty and nervous, but once again, I knew this is nothing new when doing psychedelics. Sometimes you get an afterglow, sometimes you feel depressed after the trip. What matters is that you take the lessons that you've received and start implementing them in your everyday life. Which is exactly what I did that day. Despite not feeling well, I got everything I had to do for that day. Today is day 3 after the trip, I feel a lot better and I am able to focus pretty well. I have wrote this entire trip without any distractions, which was incredibly hard for me to do before the trip.

I have yet to listen to that song I've mentioned, since I keep having distractions, but I'll listen to it once I have a few extra hours to reminisce on the trip. I've also went to the bookstore and rented myself out 2 books - Ego Is The Enemy and The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holding. I can't wait to start reading these before bedtime.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this trip and that you can learn a thing or two from my experience. ALWAYS do extensive research if you decide to do psychedelics yourself. It's not something to underestimate. If you have any questions I'd be more than happy to answer. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

[Image: CyiblXw.gif]