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Blast Through Procrastination

Posted Apr 4, 2024 10:48 AM
Do you struggle to make decisions? Do you wish you had a simple, clean framework that could help you to be more creative, and get things done on time? Stay tuned for a simple, easy-to remember method that will change your decision making process forever!


How does this work? You can do this on the computer, or on paper, whichever is easier for you. Put the numbers one through nine on one line each. Write down your problem/decision needing made/other issue so that you know what your focusing on. Now, set a timer for two minutes. As soon as you start your timer, start noting down, one potential solution for each number. Force yourself to come up with as many as possible (preferably all nine) within the two minutes. Don't worry if it's crazy, off-the-wall, or whatever else. Just put down ideas. Get them out of your head.

Key Takeaway: write nine different solutions/possibilities within two minutes

Why bother with this method? There are a number of reasons. One, it allows you freedom to just ideate. When you brainstorm like this, you're just simply allowing your mind to generate ideas. Another reason is because it forces you to act quickly. Yet another, you're not bound to any one answer, so your mind doesn't restrict you if you're scared of commitment.

In the span of just two minutes, you now have nine potential options. Take a moment to look at each of them. If your decision is relatively simple and inconsequential, then you might have done a bit of overkill. However, if the decision is somewhat simple, you might be able to immediately cross of a few things that would have negative conseqences.

Review the others, what are the pros/cons? Which proposed solution will get you closer to your goal? Pick that one. Now, write out the very next action you need to take. Get to work!

Congratulations! In the period of five minutes, you've been able to make a decision that you could have procrastinated on for days...weeks...months...

What does this method look like?

I want to learn programming. Why do I want to learn programming?

1. I want to be a hacker
2. I want to build a crypter
3. because its cool
4. get all the gurls
5. build websites
6. hack websites
7. get a job
8. teach my cat to hack
9. get cast in the next matrix movie

Okay...so you have to use your own judgement as to which ones to cross off.
Let's say your main motivation is #7 get a job (I almost typed #8...)

Now, that poses another question...

What programming language should I learn?

1. C
2. Rust
3. Ruby
4. Python
5. C++
6. Assembly
7. Fortran
8. Javascript
9. Flutter

Continue the process. Make a choice, move forward. In less than ten minutes you can have made multiple decisions, based on logic examining the pros and cons, and then conduct further research to make sure it's a sound decision, or if it's a simpler one, get started on implementing that decision. This is a great process for getting yourself moving and to defeat procrastination.