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[TuT] Introduction to Cashback on Spend, Reward Points & Referral System Farming

Posted Oct 11, 2022 09:03 AM
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How to Earn Money with Cashback & Referral Farming
Introduction to Cashback Apps and Referral Systems!

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I.) Introduction

Hey there, have you ever been looking for extra methods to make some $$$ on the side but just didn't have an idea where to look? Nowadays, there are many ways of earning income online, without leaving the comfort of your own home, however it’s hard to know which sites are legitimate and not. In this article we’ll cover surveying and receipt scanning apps that you can use to get yourself real cash rewards.

We shall be covering reward/cashback points and referral farming as the primary topics within this articles. I've had these methods personally tested in both the US and UK so I hope these are of use for my fellow HF members. There will be more upcoming editions within the Monetizing Techniques suite that I'll be releasing in the near future.

II.) Fetch Rewards (US Users)

USA has quite a lot of opportunities when it comes to earning money due to their larger population and the fact that most companies have their headquarters in the USA. There are many such apps that can be used here however I will be talking about only apps that I've tried and tested from my end. The first such app will be Fetch Rewards. The respective counterpart for this app in the UK is Shoppix which we'll briefly discuss at the end of this thread.

Let me explain, Fetch Rewards is an app that allows you to scan receipts in exchange for in app points, that’s it! Every 1000 points is equal to $1 and you need a minimum purchase of $3 within each receipt. It really isn’t hard to earn points, for instance if you’re a first time user and you use someone's referral code (you can find millions of these referral codes online) you will get additional sign up points and extra points when you scan your first receipt. However, you need to make sure that you add these referral codes while you’re making an account, not after.

There is currently a great promo going on with the referral code “YOREOYSTER” while signing up, it will give you a sign up bonus of 4,000 points, which is $4 for just signing up for the app and yes, you can claim this STRAIGHT AWAY! This offer is only valid for the rest of June though, so make good use of it. Just keep in mind that you will not get these 4,000 points UNTIL you scan your first receipt though but I’m sure you’ll have gone to your local Walmart or fast food place anyway. They literally accept ANY RECEIPT from ANY store.

[Image: wKZOIpm.png] [Image: gmuKOnq.png]

You can scan receipts that are up to 14 days old! If the receipt is older than 14 days then it will not be accepted and please keep in mind that you can scan a maximum of 35 receipts within 7 days, which means that you have a lot of opportunity to earn points for cash. You can even upload e-receipts which are also accepted, from any place online. Just remember that you can’t use the same receipt twice as they maintain a history of each bill submitted.

The most remarkable aspect is that they have SO MANY OFFERS, if you buy certain products and scan the receipt that has that product on it then they will give you so many more points as they’re promotional offers. Some are just everyday stuff, such as Gatorade or Axe deodorant. There are some examples below, however these get updated regularly.

Here are also some examples of the extra receipt bonus’ for scanning receipts. Some were new-user offers while some were just normal promotional offers as shown in the picture above. As you can see one of them was an instant $3.

[Image: ITv9Xy5.png] [Image: Qa6X34V.png]

With special offer bonus points, you could instantly cash out the tokens for money. In our case, we've selected Amazon Giftcards as the preferred redeemal mode as they can be easily swapped for crypto at the Currency Exchange sub-forum and what's best is that these cards are 100% clean. You can cash it out for higher denominations on and for any other preferred modes such as a Visa Prepaid or other giftcards.

[Image: IZagUXE.png] [Image: WmoL70j.png]

III.) Referral Farming on Fetch Rewards' App
  • The first time you cash out your tokens for a reward, someone will MANUALLY VERIFY if your points are authentic. For instance, they will make sure the receipts you scanned are legit and that everything adds up, that there’s no dodgy business. I’d recommend you cash out your first reward by using a real receipt and doing it for the $3-$5 Amazon E-Gift Card.

  • You can only login once per device, meaning that you can NOT use another account on the same device. The account is linked to the device, it will not let you log into another one. However there's a solution to this dilemma.

  • You can factory reset your phone and proceed to make a new account or log into another one. While doing referral botting, I’d advise you to use a phone that you don’t mind resetting constantly like one that doesn’t have a lot of data on it.

  • Accounts can get BANNED & you would be blacklisted from Fetch Rewards on that device, unless you reset it of course.

There is an option to distribute your referral code to your friends, you have to find it in the app, which is really simple. You click on ‘Me’ on the bottom right hand side of your screen and click on “Refer a friend”.

[Image: CDHSC77.png]

  1. From here, you use your other device, create a new account and use that referral code at sign up. As you can see, the new account will get 2,000 points when they scan their first receipt (I’d recommend using a real one so that it can successfully go through human verification) and that the account that referred them (your first device) will also get 2,000 points when they do. It’s honestly a win-win situation. This way you can get more points and use them.

  2. You could use several bills of yours to keep generating activity on these new accounts; alternatively you could also pick up discarded receipts at your local Walmart or Costco and use them for the new accounts. When you make a new account by resetting your other phone, and use your referral code, scan a DIFFERENT receipt and keep getting 2,000 points every time. You can cash it out however I’d recommend doing it with small rewards as it’s less suspicious, such as $5 Amazon gift cards at a time instead of $100.

  3. Another better way to get multiple receipts would be to manipulate the bills (via Photoshop). I’d advise using real receipts, and changing the text (the items you bought) and the date.

  4. You could Google random Walmart receipts online, change the date & items and scanned them and they'll work without any issues. (has been tried & tested) Obviously don't scan a fake receipt as that would never work, and they’ll ban your account. I'd also recommend not using fake receipts that often because there's a higher chance of them catching on to it. I wouldn’t really recommend it for a large-scale referral farming method.

  5. You also get double referral points during a seasonal promo like Xmas - a 4,000 points credit each which is rather amazing. They still do these sorts of promotions now and again, you just need to keep your eye out for them.

[Image: iWxeQ0n.png]

IV.) Shoppix (UK Users)

For UK users, the respective counterpart app would be Shoppix. It's a receipt scanning app which is fairly similar to Fetch Rewards that shares the same concept. You can scan receipts from any retailer and get 25-30 tokens for it. 30 if you scan it the same day as it says on the receipt. You will only get points from one retailer per day, for instance if you scan two Tesco receipts you will only get 30 tokens for one. Only one receipt per store per day is credited for. You can scan receipts that are up to 7 days old and only the first 30 receipts will be given tokens every week. You can also upload e-receipts.

However currently there's no referral feature, so there's nothing to farm/bot here. Shoppix is also stricter with verification so I wouldn't recommend trying to manipulate receipts. However, if you have bills that are stacking up, always remember that 2500 tokens is £5! You could accumulate points as a side hobby and end up saving hundreds over time.

[Image: 5AhZthI.png] [Image: Bfr4KEI.png]

As you can see, we have over 8000 tokens here, which can be swapped out for an Amazon voucher at any time however we're intending to get the £20 card (as it's a higher denomation, so easier to sell off). It's a rather reliable app and they also offer bonus points via quick surveys and scratch cards. Some surveys give you tokens directly however the ones labelled "It’s Shoppix quiz time" gives you a scratch card from which you can win tokens. These quizzes also enroll you into a weekly token prize draw if you get all the answers right, they’re usually general knowledge.

[Image: sdCxUWj.png] [Image: 4ocfvCc.png]

As you see, each receipt scanned gives you 30 tokens, as I have scanned them on the same day that it says on the receipt. If you don’t scan it on the same day as the receipt you’ll get 25 tokens. You can also see some of my ones are processing for human verification. However, sometimes they get approved instantly if it’s easily identifiable.

In addition to Amazon GC, you can redeem your balance via iTunes, Love2Shop or PayPal too.

For now, we'll conclude this thread. I have a few more methods up my sleeve that I'll be disclosing here very shortly. You may or may not have heard of those apps but at the end of the day, knowledge shared is knowledge gained so I'm looking forward to people who'll be interested in such releases.