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OG Usernames Appreciate % Better than Roth IRA?

Posted 06-14-2022, 08:22 PM
[Image: EuphoricIcyAmericanshorthair-size_restricted.gif]

What is an OG Username?:

Usernames such as "Fire", "Brown", "Taco", "Skeleton", "Train", without any numbers, just a normal word that is known without addon.

Ever since I joined HF I've had an obsession with og usernames. Just always liked the clean look and attention that comes with having them. I'd buy low and sell high always. Moving onto the next name to brag about to friends.

Well in the past year I decided to take myself up on a challenge to see how much a username could really profit me. I treat every username like a stock in a way, first I look at the platform as if it was a small business.

Instagram: Is instagram growing as a company? Yes. Do I feel like instagram is gaining more users than losing everyday? Yes. Do usernames matter on instagram? Yes, especially if growing a big page.

Kik: Is kik growing as a company? No. Do I feel Kik is gaining more users than losing everyday? No. Do usernames matter on kik? Yes, just for the adding though.

If I see that one is growing I'd opt in as that having a good opportunity for making some money. The more usernames taken up each day the more valuable the already taken ones can be.

Next I look at what the supply of the usernames for sale are and then the value of them. For example: "Hmmm 10 instagram OG's listed for sale in the past 10 days? All around $500-$1500.. Not bad" Means there is some action going on there. I try to look at the usernames and determine if in a year the username will be more valuable by then. Sometimes the supply is different though but the demand is there. I'll see only one snapchat thread pop up every month but in the replies you'll see five people interested in it.. Good indicator that it's a good username or that snapchat usernames are generally rare here.

After getting a decent idea of the market and what people are interested in, I pull the trigger on a few handles to buy and sell when I'm bored of them.

Above is how I've always done it. Well this last year I wanted to try something new and challenge my idea of how usernames appreciate in value. I took roughly around $7000 and chose the usernames I was going to purchase and then set to sell them in one year.

Here are the usernames I chose: (Keep in mind none of these were receiving tons of offers or anything..I bought them at market value fairly. At the top price listed.)

Instagram @tuesday purchased for $3,000
Instagram @collect purchased for $500
Instagram @irish purchased for $1200
Snapchat @player purchased for $2000

$6700 Total Spent

And one year later... this is what I sold them for

@tuesday for $5500 a 83.33% increase
@collect for $1150 a 130% increase
@irish for $3000 a 150% increase
@player for $3000 a 50% increase

$12,650 Balance Afterwards

Overall it increased my confidence in usernames becoming more and more valuable and was a fun challenge to myself. This was a big shock to me.. I always knew I made decent money flipping usernames over and over but never thought much of it. The first thing that struck me was the percentage increases were better by a large large margin than a Roth IRA could ever get me. I know its a different ballgame but still.. this was worth sharing I thought.

Would you ever do this? Do usernames appreciate better than traditional options? Have you had any similar experiences? Do you see a new upcoming platform that has username rarity? Perhaps like TikTok?
06-19-2022, 03:40 AM
OG Usernames are pretty much the new currency for social reputation. Great article.