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Sections That Need More Sticky Worthy Threads [StickyMan Award]

Posted 06-14-2022, 08:23 PM
[Image: 1200px-Screenshot_of_Hack_Forums.jpg]

Here are the subforums in my eyes that do not have a Stickied Thread or has a Out Of Date Sticky (Needing Improvement), alongside I include some possible thread ideas for them. Subforums of Interest (SOI).

Let us set an example for those who are new here, to encourage them to stick around and join the community. We can do this by putting threads up of value, which by the way can vary in many different ways.

Level of Activity (1 - 5):
Important to consider the amount of traffic/activity it has for a few reasons, here is one. As for the ratings, activity fluctuates all the time so don't get discouraged at what my opinion is, it is what is it. (a rough estimate) When you first joined HF, you didn't just magically pop along into the lounge or dehashing and start hanging out around here from there forward. You came/found here likely for content you want or need, whether that be in the Beginner Hacking, Ewhoring, or any subforum.. it is one that you expected/ expect valuable content or got hooked on from... Leaving you to choose to stay to stick around, I mean there is a reason you came here and chose to stick around right? Let's improve our experience by providing more value first setting an example and to allow others to follow in our footsteps. (Parks HF Philosophy 101) Also yes, I wouldn't mind competitively poking and waking up some other members in the process.. Let's push ourselves. Who wants to compete against me for a race to the sticky man award..

    [Image: 1ysMjuJ.png]   

(Notice: Keep in mind activity is always fluctuating and may not be the same as what it was when I posted this..)

Beginner Hacking: 4 (While filled with market-paid stickies there is a lot of common new traffic in this section, in my opinion this is a great opportunity to give newcomers a tutorial on how to get started in hacking nowadays (2021-2022+) and get them hooked to the site, this shouldn't be so specific but a rough general wide variety guideline/roadmap down the roads you should and or can lead down; Including Programming, Common Security Flaws, Basics of Computing, and among other things including being able to show a roadmap of a lot of already Stickied valuable threads newcomers can learn from.)

Ewhoring: 5 (Another subforum with market-paid filled stickies but nonetheless without actually looking at the statistics this is probably one of the most active sections! Taking a brief look at the section we can see it's either filled with "Free Packs" (mostly new members posting for them) or "How To Get Traffic Threads", so a sticky arguably should be one that can help both those problems. Overall probably needs a up to date all you can guide for ewhoring, including Getting modern day Traffic (snapchat/ig) and how to start sourcing your own snapchat packs etc. It should be noted this will probably be one of the harder sections to get Stickied.

Worms, Malwares, and Viruses: 2 Before I start on this one I would like to point out a lot of subforums go inattentive[/color]. By that I mean there is quite a few forums that don't go as noticed or moderated which itself is a problem. So while doing your own due diligence keep in mind that reporting will help a ton to these subforums. New people joining the forum don't spend the time to look at the [url=//hackforums.net/misc.php?action=help]Help Docs[/url] and I don't per say blame them, they will see people posting or old threads that are against the rules and they will continue to believe it is fine to discuss or do on the forum. Only two ways to stop it, and you can't force them to read something.. but we can clean up the subforums. As for this subforum, it is not dwindling in activity but it could still use a Sticky breaking down Worms, Malwares, and Viruses.. Some points of interest could include defense against them.. This probably isn't the best subforum for your first sticky attempt.

Botnets, IRC Bots, and Zombies: 3 Mostly market-paid stickies, I don't know enough about this subforum so hard to say what if it could need a sticky or not. If you have an idea I will be happy to edit this more.

Cryptography, Encryption, and Decryption: 3.8 While there is a few market-paid stickies, this subforum has a great opportunity to teach a lot of people more on the subjects. I would recommend considering this one for a megathread of tutorials/information on how to get into it and doing things with it. Among other things.

Pentesting & Forensics: 2.5 While there is one sticky on a compilation of testing tools, I would recommend doing a thread here too. A lot of members on HF are interesting in Pentesting but the activity in that subforum is not so much. Lack of information maybe? A how to get into the industry/how everything works in the industry (from getting started to where you can end up) would be helpful here.

Blackhat Training: 3.6 Unfortunately while it is a very recommended subforum to be added, maintaining continues to appear a problem. I would recommend a megathread on the effects of going Blackhat/case studies of others who have gone down that road and ended horribly. Possibly following their journey from beginning to end, one example would be the Silk Road/ Or the kids on the forum who recently got arrested for the Twitter Hacks (Rolex Gold). Probably best to include anonymity practices as well.

Hacking Tools and Programs: 4.2 This forum really needs a megathread of information. It is my opinion that is mostly used by newer members just getting into hacking with some experience under the belt. This leads to a lot of threads that do go unmoderated for months sometimes, I have reported them myself. Mostly cracked programs/other members works.

Keyloggers: 2 Could use a megathread on the information of Keyloggers, maybe a brief history from beginning to end here and where the keylogger industry currently stands?

Remote Administration Tools: 5 Lots of activity here, again mostly new members who haven't been influenced by the forum yet. A megathread on a breakdown of the tools how they work, things to avoid, how they are made, among other things I don't have enough knowledge to expand upon. Consider this a good candidate for a megathread.

Website and Forum Hacking: 3.5 Oh baby! This subforum could also use a megathread pronto! A thread should be pretty self explanatory, again this appears to be a thriving topic on HF and a lot of members interests. Although the section not so much, if you want my opinion this should include a history of how things got started and where we are today, link to other megathreads, include tools/vulns that have happened/happening. Again not enough information here for the public and before we know, it just may turn into another new member section (asking how to hack certain things/almost leeching) providing no value with no beauty at the end.

SQL Injection Attacks: 2.5 Could use a thread expanding upon SQL injection attacks how they work and how they may or may not work in the future among other things. Activity not so much here.

Requests for Hacking: 4 This could use a new megathread. Lot's of activity here but like previously stated mostly LQ attempts. I don't expect new members who spawn from this section to stick around. They don't have much to gain besides new members telling them to f*** off and learn how to hack themselves. Consider making something similar to Bandors ; https://hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=2909232 but do expand upon and explain how things work around here and what kind of tools other members will be using. (Also probably don't selfadvertise so hard, we are here to help. Point them down the right path to learn how to do things themselves. If you have an interest for this section I will personally help.

Bug Bounty: 2 This is a great opportunity a lot of hackers try to dip their toes in. Needs a megathread, one that pertains how people usually get into it/maybe success stories (Kid who makes $1m a year doing bug bounty) and how to learn how to get into it. Again I think it needs a roadmap to point people down the road how to start aiming that way, including reverse engineering and other things like links to other megathreads etc. Also another point could be made it is somewhat a market subforum so a megathread could be How to start getting leads/how to start selling yourself to companies/how to hire someone for bug bounty on your site etc, what they will be looking for on your site and so on. Provide value :D

VPN, Proxies, and Socks: 3 Not too much activity, but nonetheless could use a megathread. Maybe point to success stories of forum members who have ran and created their VPN services, (How themselves can do it), What providers are best? What providers actually won't track your logs and so on.. What are the innerworkings of a VPN? The best sources etc. Maybe take motivation from iBruteForce's thread. https://hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=74534

Vices: 4 Subforums in "Personal Life" typically aren't often filled with our normal "forum hacking values" but it does give the opportunity to provide value in other ways you wouldn't normally expect because they are usually active/thriving. Lots of different megathread options but I'd probably think one on how to quit drugs/addictions would fit well here.

Jackpot Warriors: 4 Not sure if I can see a megathread being suited here but maybe a thread on how lotteries/gambling psychology works in and out. To casinos to your average day lottery ticket. Things to avoid, how to play the game to win etc.

Cars, Bikes, Motors and More: 5 "How to choose your first car/what to look for when buying a car/bike" Type of thread would be well suited here. Any motorheads here? If not maybe consider teaming up with someone else outside the group to help make the thread, or maybe even another group. 😎

Health Wise: 4 Here is a good example of what we are trying to do here, I started my first Health megathread in 2016 which got stickied, right afterwards? I had someone who ended up being a friend (Biggy) start competing with me onsite on everything I did until he ended up being a partner in a biz venture. He has the other Mega fitness thread sticky in the section. COMPETITION IS GOOD. Lets wake up other groups. While fitness/calories/teeth are covered in the section, there is still opportunities for other megathreads. (Lots of activity) I could see a mega thread on how to choose a workout program/making your own and how to make your own diet plan or starting selling them megaguidethread.

Pets & Animals: 5 While Confound has a great thread on raising a puppy (https://hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=5708720) we could still use a megathread on how to raise/know which pet is right for you in any breed lol. Breed? Idk, I mean by that Cat/Monkey/Fish/etc. Good opportunity I would suggest thinking deeper on this one because it is one of the more active forums. Oddly.

Recipes for Disaster: 5 Please tell me we got a master chef in reading this? I don't want to have to subcontract Omniscient in to help us out with making a thread. (Yes, he does have cooking videos on Youtube) This would be a great opportunity to make a megathread of a recipe cookbook or an entry guide to any type of food like Sushi or foods of different culture that might carry a certain challenge making to eat.

Science, Religion, Philosophy, & Politics: 5 This is one of my favorite subforums that carries great opportunities. Again, Confound has set a great example (https://hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=5695186). While he has a History of Politics megathread, we still need Religion, Philosophy, and SCIENCE! If you plan on tackling one of these let me know! This should also go in general, leave a post if you plan on tackling a section. We have a great team here and can work together on them. I plan on making a Science & Religion thread already.

Anime Adventures: 4 Unforunately I am not a weeb, but I think a history of Anime from the beginning to now / Ultimate Guide on what to watch based on your interests megathreads are great options.

News and Happenings: 3.8 While filled with activity hard to say what purpose a megathread would have here.. One option could be a megathread explaining how to Avoid Fake News (what to look out for and reputable sources to examine)

Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, and MP3, Rap Battles and Hip Hop, Dubstep and EDM: 3 All of these could use a megathread on how to produce tune your music to be the best it can be in the this side of the industry. Using different tools like FL Studio (Fruit Loops) all the way to Logic.

Movies, TV, & Videos: 3 While there doesn't seem to be much opportunity here, consider looking at Mt Eden's thread (https://hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=1499772). Could set a great example following this concept.

Computing Sections: 2 Lots of good stickied threads here already, not sure if any more are needed at this time. Do take example of the stickies already in place. Great threads, including Vitanis.

Forums in 'Coding and Programming: 1 Not thriving in much activity, agruably any of these subsections could use a megathread but activity is low low; take into consideration.

The Gamers Lounge: 5 Good activity and no stickies! Perhaps a history of the gaming industry from beginning to start? Where will VR take us into the future? Which consoles will end up winning? Is PC masterrace really the MASTERRACE?

FPS, Survival, and Battle Royale: 3 Perhaps a guide on how to go pro? A look at the industry of pro gaming and e-sports/how to get into the industry/sourcing a team.

Fighting and Sports: 3.5 I feel like I'm beating a dead horse at this point so continue to think of ideas on your own, but this subforum could also use a megathread perhaps on the history of Fighting and Sports Games. Though not likely.

Social Networking: 4 Good opportunity to teach anyone how to be the best on any social networking site. Let's be real the concept applies to all of them. Message me if you decide to take this one on, I'd happily help.

Hosting and Web Servers: 3 Needs a thread explaining the ins and out of Hosting/Web Servers great opportunity to provide some value! Good example here (https://hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=5038462) Help desk formats are good but often die out in my opinion, try to compile the information in all one thread!

Crypto Currency: 5 Great section with great activity, this subforum is a lot of members favorites including mine. The one thing I notice is, what are new members supposed to do when they come here looking for info? A lot of it is pretty advanced topics. In my opinion we need some megathreads (One explaining the ins and outs of BTC it is the giant afterall.), if not then consider explaining crypto currency in whole, consider making a thread on how to do trading for profits and so on!

Business Savvy: 1 Great great section to share value!! Unfortunately it is dead though. Who Soup is also invested highly in the subforum but has given up on it, consider that when making a megathread he would probably be willing to help. Off the top of my head some megathreads I have personally considered writing are on Real Estate/Small Businesses/Employees etc. All things that are needed in that section!

Marketplace Discussions: 5 Another thread I think we could use in Marketplace Discussions is one that points out all the common scams of HF including those of Discord and how they work. Instead of having to explain someone who just got scammed by a discord imposter how it works over and over, I would much rather link them a thread showing every possible angle they could of got hit by.

[Image: rpUGhC2.png]
06-26-2022, 11:14 PM
Excellent blog Parks. I can see this being a big help to anyone going for the Sticky Man award.
06-20-2022, 09:28 AM
Good stuff.