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[TuT] Unlimited Mobile Data [eSIM Providers] - Three Carriers & Repeatable Trials

Posted 10-01-2022, 12:38 PM
[Image: mfuNoEa.png]

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Unlimited Mobile Data Tutorial
Surf the internet - to your hearts' desire!

[Image: RHZ2rB0.jpg]

I.) Introduction
With the advent of the eSIM support, we've seen the introduction of a very convenient period of issuing new phone numbers. An eSIM is a SIM card that is embedded in a mobile device and can connect you to any operator offering eSIM services.

Furthermore, the eSIM works the same way as a traditional SIM card, but you don’t need a physical SIM card to use it. It is actually pre-installed in the device and you can activate it by installing the “eSIM profile” of a new operator. The eSIM is a progenic component within the evolution cycle of a SIM card, as shown below.

[Image: 54nAyf6.png]

II.) Requirements
  • Smartphone that supports eSIM functionality (Apple XR and above support eSIM by default)
  • Unlocked phone, not bound by any carrier plans or region locks.
  • VPN/Proxy
  • IMEI Spoofer (optional)

III.) Method 1 - DENT eSIM

[Image: 7Z5yqyH.png]
  • Navigate to the provided link on your device to sign up: https://dent.app.link/26RSMrbafqb
  • You should be automatically redirected to the App Store/Play Store. Proceed by downloading the DENT app on your device
  • You can sign up via Google/Apple here and verify your email.
  • When you return to the app, there should be an option to "Configure eSIM".
  • Proceed to set it up on your device and your complimentary balance should be credited to your profile
  • You can now use 1.2GB of data from one sign-up. This does not lapse until a year ends and you can repeat this as much times as you want. (Recommend IMEI spoofing after using it a few times)
  • You can also check out the "Earn" section on the app to earn data via referrals, daily spin, and other fun games.

IV.) Method 2 - RedTeaGO

[Image: iftJLN3.png]
  • Navigate to the provided link on your device to sign up: http://app.redteago.com/invite/index.html?id=9JWD0001
  • Register on the app, similarly you can use oAuth to quickly sign-up via Google/Apple IDs
  • Make sure to redeem the promo code 9JWD0001 if it hasn't applied for you (should automatically apply)
  • You should receive 1GB in free data from this sign-up. This can be repeated further times.

V.) Method 3 - Visible

[Image: TgCNM7B.png]

I shall keep adding methods here as I compile more, currently I've had three of these tried & tested personally.